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Thread: China E71 Games type

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    China E71 Games type

    hello whats the type of china e71 mobile games , i tries all subject from here and no one works the nes files wont open and wont accwpt the *#66*# etc.
    and java games it say instaling java from pc suite and then java failed via pc suite and bluetooth
    please if you can tell me the games type for this mobile or attach some
    Thank you

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    Re: China E71 Games type

    Most probably, the supported format in Chinese E71 is .Nes. One of my friend is having the same model and has many Nes games installed in his mobile. I guess there might be some problem in your mobile or any mistake while performing the steps of installing games. I'll suggest you to download some another Nes game and try installing again. Do reply the result.

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    Re: China E71 Games type

    the prob there is not the emu in the game section as they says, there is only motion game that contain dice and step recorder,

    when i put *#66*# and yes i get your request is bing processed please wait. and when i put *#220807# i get not available.
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