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Thread: Vodafone 125 all keys not working

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    Vodafone 125 all keys not working

    I have recently purchased the new Vodafone 125 and 225 mobile phone for myself and other for my brother, the performance of the phone is very good and there is no problem in the phone from last two month but from the last night the keypad of the Vodafone 125 is not working. A number of the keys on the phone are not working such as the keys of 4, 5, 8, 2, 0, * and i am not able to make calls from the phone so there is a loss of money as well as time. Please provide me with the appropriate solution any suggestion on the topic will be appreciated by me.

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    Re: Vodafone 125 all keys not working

    If there is a problem in the keypad of the Vodafone 125 so the ultimate solution to the problem is the cleaning of the keypad. These issue also occurred to me also and i clean the keypad with the cleaner which you will get easily available in the market or use a soft lubricant to clean and then place the keypad back on the phone to overcome the problem, this is the solution available to the problem or you can go to the shop for the cleaning of the keypad which will cost you a little amount of the money for the process, the same can be done with the Vodafone 225 phone that you have with you.

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    Re: Vodafone 125 all keys not working

    If there is a problem in the keypad and the key are not working then it might be a case of auto lock of the keypad. These you have resolve by going in the keypad lock settings which is located in the phone settings. First you need to go to the general settings from the main menu and then in the settings from where you can go in the Phone settings and finally in the Keypad lock settings, from where you have to unlock the keypad and then restart the phone and your issue will be resolved.

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    Re: Vodafone 125 all keys not working

    The keypad problem occurs mainly due to the issue in the back of the keypad as the fiber that is used in the manufacture is of not a good quality and there is a frequent problem in the phone. So, to overcome these problem you can go for the replacement of the phone if the phone is in the warranty period and if it is not in the warranty period then go to the Vodafone service center where you can get the issue fixed at a minimum cost as compared to a normal repair shop this is the ultimate option available to you, if then too the problem is not sorted then you have to contact the Vodafone customer care assistance for further help and support.

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