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Thread: MacBook Backlight problem

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    MacBook Backlight problem

    My MacBook was on standby, and when I turned back, I see that the screen does not light up (it lights up but we must get closer to see a little bit in very dark) but when I drop a little screen, it comes back. I dismounted, I reconnected the connectors on the screen, without success. I think it's a connector that is located in the hinges of which has jumped because when moving the hinges (top down) that reactivates the backlight and then turns on the screen. How can I do? I have a monitor (the glass is cracked) but the connectors walk, you think it can help me? if someone could help me and tell me how to do it would be very nice of you because I really need my MacBook.
    Good evening and thank you!

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    Re: MacBook Backlight problem

    Try to see if the connectors you have in the screen that is cracked is identical to the connectors on your macbook. If so I'll get you a tutorial to help you, let me know. Otherwise you can also try to check whether there is some problem with the cable which is the main reason behind this problem. Hopefully this should resolve the issue.

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    Re: MacBook Backlight problem

    I guess that's the first Macbook you speak. To change this part (inverter board), remove the party keyboard / trackpad, remove the screen, turn the screen unclip and unscrew the central hinge cover. At that time you will access the famous defective part. Not very complicated if you're a bit handy this should fix the issue.

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    Re: MacBook Backlight problem

    I disassembled my MacBook and I replaced the piece with another that I had in an old display. Now the screen remains blank at all even when I drop a little screen. I gather that part that I replaced is not the correct version. Which one should I buy? I bought my MacBook Black in October 2007. The connectors look the same.

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