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Thread: iPhone 4: Weird volume problem

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    iPhone 4: Weird volume problem

    The iphone which i am using is of the version 4.0.1 , i am facing the severe problem with my phone, the volume problem is creating me the headache,when some shuffle is done in my music player the maximized volume automatically gets reduced, so when i get the mail my volume gets raised up, so please any help to sort this problem.

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    Re: iPhone 4: Weird volume problem

    The issue which is related to the volume of the iphone, therefore i would like to inform you that the problem is related to the the application which are required for the device, so the restore may be done through the available cd which may be belonging to you, or the required software may be downloaded from the site of apple.

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    Re: iPhone 4: Weird volume problem

    The problem may be concerned with the hardware of the iphone, so i feel that the device to be sent back to the apple for the hardware changes, the proper technician should be consulted so the actual reason behind the problem is detected, if your device is under the warranty there might be the chances for the replacement of your phone.

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    Re: iPhone 4: Weird volume problem

    To overcome this problem i may recommend you to use the turn on/off button for it,the turn on/off button must be hold and along with it hold the home button for 12 seconds, and then just free the button and wait for some time the for the device to get restarted,this may lead to fix your problem try it out.

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