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Thread: How to convert from iPhone to iTouch?

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    How to convert from iPhone to iTouch?

    I have a Apple iPhone, and wants to convert it into the iTouch for my brother. I used to insert the old SIM card for the new one. Especially for the wifi connectivity then also for the games. For the interchange is it need to install any new application in the iPhone? I cannot use it without the sending the iTune. By using am I able to use the wifi. Anyone can provide me the step for how to convert into the iTouch? It will works after the conversion? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Re: How to convert from iPhone to iTouch?

    To install the update firmware for the iTouch, no longer to activate the iPhone firmware. Complete activate the old SIM which you are using in the new device. Generally the activated SIM of the iPhone is not works on the iTouch. I do not think you gain anything by inserting the pre-installed SIM card for the iTouch. Yes for the conversion you need to install some driver in the new iTouch phone.

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    Re: How to convert from iPhone to iTouch?

    I had done this by the bellow mentioned process, and after that there is no issue in the new device, like the wifi setting, the battery and other performance. I just convert the 3GS into the iTouch
    1.Leave old SIM card in the unit
    2.plug into Mac, bring up iTunes.
    3.RESET on the device.
    4.It will want to activate, when the power backs up. Again leave the old SIM card, and re-plug into the MAC and click activate button.
    5.Switch off the iPhone, remove the SIM card and turn it on.
    6.You will get a message regarding the SIM card, tab to OK.
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    Re: How to convert from iPhone to iTouch?

    It is very easy to install the skype, which will works fine with the wifi and 3G connection, after conversion into the iTouch. So if you have a SIM card that having the 3G data connectivity, then there no problem while you using the SIM card in another device. You can easily use the Skype application also the wifi without any changes in the SIM card activation. Also you can make calls, able to send sms. And skype to skype calling facility is applicable.

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