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Thread: How to display Chinese on Torch 9800?

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    How to display Chinese on Torch 9800?

    I have bought Blackberry mobile phone for myself and I love it. But I wanted to know is this mobile phone have Chinese language. If yes then tell me how to access it if it does not then how can I get it into this mobile phone. I Think basically the phone which are sold in china are having this language. If you know how to do this then help me.

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    Re: How to display Chinese on Torch 9800?

    Many of the which you buy are have the official language of that country so if you buy a mobile phone from china then then Chinese language is must be there. There are many languages are install in mobile phone which are mainly use in the world. And I am sure your mobile phone also having that language, you should check out with a local mobile technician as they know the settings very well.

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    Re: How to display Chinese on Torch 9800?

    To overcome on this issue I recommend you to update you mobile firmware to the latest which having the Chinese language and will also compatible to your mobile phone. Before updating your firmware take a backup of all your mobile phone data, because after upgrading firmware your mobile phone become as a new.

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    Re: How to display Chinese on Torch 9800?

    A simple and easy way to get the language which you want by just making small setting in to your mobile. In your mobile's setting menu there is option for phone setting click on it, then go to the language setting in that there is option called phone language which is use for selecting the language that you want. I am sure there must be Chinese language in your mobile phone select it. And from now you can use your mobile phone in Chinese.
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