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Thread: Aspire 5100 boot failure

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    Aspire 5100 boot failure

    Last night there was something strange, because the fan continues to run, much more than usual, and then this morning trying to turn it on: nothing. I do not feel the HD spinning, and the screen stays black and then gradually see vertical lines that appear gradually fill the whole screen until it becomes completely white. Please help me so that i do not lose everything I have inside.

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    Re: Aspire 5100 boot failure

    If there are vertical lines on the screen are the typical symptoms of the problems with the video RAM. if you're still under warranty, do not waste time and contact acer. If the laptops warranty is void then you can simply try to get this laptop repaired with a hardware technician. Hopefully this will help you to get this problem fixed.

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    Re: Aspire 5100 boot failure

    If you could not retrieve the information, only you would do in a place that specializes in recovering data, depending on the information you had, you worthwhile or not, as it is very expensive to do that. Answering the question of whether it can recover, the answer is yes. Now you see if the price compensates you.

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    Re: Aspire 5100 boot failure

    Yes, unless the information is very important, gets a lot more to change the hard drive has a new one, but sometimes there are things unique, photos, emails and other it is also find technical expertise, but first query cost (budget requests) and ensure you recover what you want, of course. It's your decision on our part and we will consider the topic and proceed to close.

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    Re: Aspire 5100 boot failure

    If there are no characteristic odor is an additional control. If you purchased a new power supply and the computer will not run on it the problem may be the lack of compatibility with the power of the motherboard. This is a known issue with a series of power supplies Delta. The point is that sometimes the motherboard does not recognize the signal Power_OK (Power_Good) managed by the Food and although the de facto power will not be able to run efficiently on your PC on it.

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