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Thread: How to use front camera in samsung omnia i900

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    How to use front camera in samsung omnia i900

    I would like to know how to use the video call via the tiny camera on the front of the phone on the samsung omnia i900 because I have it in my options but it is grayed out ( unavailable ).Also Msn and skype its not working , you know a software or we can communicate by being (like skype or msn ). Please help. Thank you very much.

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    Re: How to use front camera in samsung omnia i900

    The menu offers a wide menu and easily clickable with the tip of the index or even the thumb. Samsung moreover carefully worked his camera interface which eliminates the need of stylus. It's very fashionable overcoat of Windows Mobile you're looking to dress and even to forget . Clicking on the Main Menu soft key at the bottom right displays 12 icons of shortcuts instead of i900 . This navigation is particularly successful and the camera reacts quickly to the slightest touch , thanks to the excellent Marvel PXA312 processor clocked at 624 MHz.

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    Re: How to use front camera in samsung omnia i900

    Samsung omnia i900 5 megapixel camera with autofocus , flash and camcorder
    - Capture unforgettable moments with the integrated camera of excellent quality. And do not miss the action , select the input mode of the video camera to record everything that happens in real time.
    - The camera phone of the OMNIA is a real camera : it has features of autofocus , pan and slide show to view all your photos.
    - Advanced features include smile detection , video capture in slow motion and the shutter continuously.

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    Re: How to use front camera in samsung omnia i900

    The Samsung i900 Omnia has a 5 Mega Pixel camera with auto focus, image stabilizer and face detection ! The Samsung i900 Omnia can play DivX , XviD , H.263 , H.264 , WMV , MP4 , MP3 , AAC , AAC +, WMA, OGG and AMR.The Samsung i900 Omnia also has a radio tuner and a GPS ! Really complete this new bomb from Samsung.

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    Re: How to use front camera in samsung omnia i900

    The Samsung Omnia has a range of capabilities enabling it to meet all your mobile needs. Since its touchscreen practice until his intuitive navigation and tools through its many features video , photo and music, the Samsung Omnia is capable of doing everything - all in a sleek and compact. With the Samsung Omnia, work and pleasure are one . Operating system Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Push Mail , GPS for navigation, geo-tagging function , professional tools such as office Microsoft Office Subsequently, full browser with both portrait and landscape, simple navigation and zoom with optical mouse smartphone : Samsung Omnia brings together all the functions you need for your life.

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