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Thread: Unlock code for blackberry pearl 8100 for free

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    Unlock code for blackberry pearl 8100 for free

    My elder sister from Canada sent me the new Blackberry Pearl 8100 as a birthday gift for me. The Blackbeard Pearl is locked with the service provider Rogers of Canada. Now I want to use my mobile phone in India but not able to unlock the phone. So now I am just looking for any free software which can provide me with the unlock code to unlock my mew Blackberry Pearl 8100 mobile phone. So can anyone have a proper solution to solve out my problem.

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    Re: Unlock code for blackberry pearl 8100 for free

    In order to unlock your Blackberry Pearl 8100 you need to enter the unlock code into it. This code is nothing but the calculation of the combination of the IMEI number which is provided by your mobile phone. You can find out your mobile phone IMEI number by typing the *#06# on your phone. The IMEI number is about 15 -17 digit and to get the unlock code you don't need to have software install in your computer. There are several website which provide you with the unlock code where you just have to put your IMEI number and they will email you your mobile phone unlock code.

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    Re: Unlock code for blackberry pearl 8100 for free

    You have try to get the unlock code for your Blackberry mobile phone from by providing your IMEI number to the website and then just go in your phone settings and then go in the Advanced Option and you will find the SIM card and there you will find the unlocking screen where you have to type the mepp2 and then enter the unlock code to unlock your mobile phone where you have to make sure that you have only ten chances to input the correct unlock code and then just press the track ball on your phone and shut down it and the reboot your phone. You will find your phone has been successfully unlocked.
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    Re: Unlock code for blackberry pearl 8100 for free

    It seems that you are looking for the unlocking your Blackberry mobile phone for free for which you must be having the MFI Multiloader which you can find it free on the website of rapidshare and its around 800MB and then install it on your computer and then install the Desktop Manager on your PC which is provided by the Blackberry company in order to connect your computer with the phone. So just connect your computer and then you ensure that the vender.xml file is deleted from the apploader folder and then generally upgrade the operating system of your phone and then put the unlock code your mobile phone which is been successfully unlock.

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