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Thread: ALL nokia BB5(Nokia New Models) Security code or lock codes 100% Update

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    ALL nokia BB5(Nokia New Models) Security code or lock codes 100% Update

    Hey guys I got the lost security code or lock code is one and the same thing and it is for all the BB5 phones. So I just want to share this with you people. I have this for the
    In new models N73,N95, 5700 XM, 6300,N82 And after that 3250, 6131, 6133, 6125, 6126, 6270, 6280, 6282, 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7370, E60, E61, N70, N70, N72, N80, N90, N91, N92 ETC

    And one more point I just want to share with you guys is that PHONE should not be already locked.
    On the other hand if the phone is LOCKED ALREADY then you just start in Test mode or Local Mode and after that follow the Steps mentioned below!

    To start in Test Mode when phone is Locked look in the attachment:
    You just Download software NSS ( from web
    and install it with default options
    Connect your phone to USB cord
    Run NSS
    - click on Scan for new device (and your phone will be scanned and shown)
    - click on Virtual USB devices.
    - click on Phone info
    - click on Permanent memory
    - click on Read
    The software make a PM file in the folder C:\Program Files\NSS\Backup\pm (or NSS install folder)
    give me the link for download of your PM file on the forum and I give you your security code
    Trust me it is the simplest and 101% working method

    If you are getting Eprom error or any other then do the following :

    if you are using PC suit 6.85 or above uninstall it and install an older version probably from the CD came with your cell if you purchased months back and after that do as I am telling you to do.
    Restart your phone as well as pc.

    1. Before connecting NSS, exit Nokia PC suit, even from system tray.
    2. Connect your phone in pc suit mode.
    3. Then open NSS, and scan your device first through it.
    4. If still it shows problem, then change your phone mode from normal to test mode, in NSS options, phone will restart in test mode. Then try generating pm file.
    5. Upload your pm file here and I will reply with you your lock code.
    6. If still u get a problem, I am here now.
    1.Through NSS phone does not get formatted anyhow and you get back your lock code.
    2. NSS supports your DKU2 phone cable.
    3. If you cannot generate PM file Through Normal phone mode, then try changing your
    Phone to test mode through NSS options and then generate PM file.
    4. If still there's a problem, I will be glad to Answer.
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    Re: ALL nokia BB5(Nokia New Models) Security code or lock codes 100% Update

    However, if you do not wish for your security code back and just want to format, try hard reset:
    just back up your important data on your memory card on pc.
    1. Now you are able to take out your card from your phone.
    2. After this switch it off.
    3. Now press these 3 keys one by one and keep holding them: (* key) + (green call button) + (DEF 3 button)
    4. And when you are able to hold all these keys then press them all together and keep holding them press the (ON button) along with these 3 keys all together .
    5. Now phone will be start as it is started before like when you have purchased this. And after that it will ask you for to enter your country and then date and all required data.

    And please post your reply if it works in your phone.

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    Re: ALL nokia BB5(Nokia New Models) Security code or lock codes 100% Update

    Hey brother I really need your help. Currently I am using Nokia n73. And I buy this from friend. And I really do not know that what is the security code of this phone. And please donít tell that try the default security code that is 12345, because I have already try this and it is not working. So if you can then please help me to unlock this code.

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    Re: ALL nokia BB5(Nokia New Models) Security code or lock codes 100% Update

    What you are facing the same thing I am also facing but around some weeks ago. And do not worry I am here and soon you will get your security code. For this you have to do is that just follow these step which I am going to tell you: just follow the steps which is wrote above in this thread and send me the attachment of your phone "PM FILE" that you will ultimately get following the steps. If you get that then please inform me.

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    Re: ALL nokia BB5(Nokia New Models) Security code or lock codes 100% Update

    Great brother at the present you just require to send it to me, for that you are able to either attach it here in a reply, or you can upload it on Techarena or anywhere else and propel to me the link here to download, that it. I will reply u back the same day with your code Ok. So you have to do only that much. Best of luck.

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    Re: ALL nokia BB5(Nokia New Models) Security code or lock codes 100% Update

    Here I just want to tell you there is not any like software which can read code from pm file otherwise I would have to posted this anyway. And this thing you have to do manually and this is complex to make everyone understand, so regarding this I will try to make an application though to read the code from the pm and I will going to do this after my examination. And before that I am here to seek the codes related to that topic.
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