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Thread: How to install java games on LG KG920 phone

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    How to install java games on LG KG920 phone

    I am having the LG mobile phone and this time I have updated to the LG KG920 mobile phone. Well it is nice. Also I am a great lover of the game, and I really enjoy playing the game whether it is a mobile phone or a laptop. However I am not able to install the Java games and play them on this mobile. Can anyone here please suggest me what are the steps that I need to follow so that I can get this to run for me?

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    Re: How to install java games on LG KG920 phone

    I would also be grateful if I can get the java games installed on the LG phone. Well I have found many of them having the same problem. It is really a pain for the users that love playing the games. However I tried as many things as I could, I searched a lot on the Internet but yet I could not help myself in making it to work on the LG mobile phone. Please come up with the solutions. Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: How to install java games on LG KG920 phone

    • Install the LG Content bank that is included in the CD phone package.
    • After you finish the installation go to the C:\Program Files\LGGSM\LGContentsBank and search for the config.ini file
    • Before doing any changes to this config.ini file have the back-up for it.
    • Then in the files find the following lines:
      All you need to do is copy this and replace it in the original file.
    • Now go and visit any java games web site
    • This is the most vital step, in the C:\Program Files\LGGSM\LGContentsBank\Contents you will have to create a folder named JAVA.
    • Now under the JAVA folder make another folder that will be having the name of the game itself, download the game to that folder only.
    • Now you will need a Jadmaker program, to make a .jad file
    • After that open the Jadmaker program and make a jad file for the game.
    • Now open the ___.jad file of the game with the notepad and paste the following line to the bottom of ___.jad file.
    • MIDletX-LG-Contents: KG920 (model can be changed)
    • Now open the LG Content bank program and there you will have a Java button on it.
    • Just click on it and then choose the mobile phone that you will be required and get it installed.

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    Re: How to install java games on LG KG920 phone

    Well I have tried all the things that have been mentioned here but yet I could not have the games installed on my phone. Whenever I try press the connect button a warning pops-up. I do not know what in the world that thing is? When the pop-up comes up it does not say that there was an error with the connection it generally says Timeout. Can anyone help me to rectify this? I will be really grateful to you.

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    Re: How to install java games on LG KG920 phone

    Ok, I think that I will be able to help you a bit.
    • First of all in you mobile go to the Settings
    • After the settings go to the Connectivity. There it will give you the following four options:
      1. Bluetooth
      2. Modem
      3. Network
      4. GPRS attach
    • You will have to select the modem, if it asks for the connectivity select YES.
    • After that connect the USB and go to the LG Content bank that is in your PC.
    • There you will get an option for Connect, just click that one.
    • When the connection will be established you can download the file as required.

    Hope that this time you will not get the pop-up.

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