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Thread: Can't iPad operate with no Mac or PC connecting?

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    Can't iPad operate with no Mac or PC connecting?

    I have iPad. I have some stability problems at the wifi but I accommodates . I noticed that since I am using the IPAD , my MacBook really hard to connect to my wifi freebox . Since yesterday , I just can more or when I arrive , I lose the signal very quickly. Also , I use an iMac over wifi which has no problem.In fact, the MacBook is the network but no longer wants to connect . He keeps asking me the password when I ticked the box "Save password " Whenever I want to connect , it gives me " connection timed out " and asks me to enter the new password. The wifi signal is at maximum. Someone please explain?

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    Re: Can't iPad operate with no Mac or PC connecting?

    Cable , two catches, no possibility of being wrong : just make logos, screen printed on one side of each of the two doses, remain visible when connecting. Once iTunes is running on your computer and the physical connection has occurred ( unless your area is plunged into darkness ), the system hangs by a chirp signal . The screen lights up in the default configuration of the iPad, and a message tells you how to rearrange the icons. Press OK after reading these words of wisdom and take a look around your computer that will display a window.

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    Re: Can't iPad operate with no Mac or PC connecting?

    There are various ways to read comics know the iPad, on other machines too, but it's not the point.
    1. Specific applications you load giving you access to such and such libraries , where a fee you can purchase and download comics and other books ... for Apple iBooks , for Amazon Kindle , Ave ! Comics for some comics. etc ...
    2. You wish, at first , and after for that matter , read comics you have here or there on your computer, especially those in PDF

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    Re: Can't iPad operate with no Mac or PC connecting?

    Logmein IPAD is an application that allows you to connect directly to your computer remotely.Imagine you worked for weeks on a super important presentation last night and finished at 3 o'clock in the morning. Arrived on time anyway you insert your USB drive and there is the drama the laptop does not read your format for presentation. With logmein not worry, you can simply connect to your home computer for re - export your presentation to the proper format.

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    Re: Can't iPad operate with no Mac or PC connecting?

    Similarities with the iPhone, there in numbers, and more tangible. The accelerometer , through which one can play or switch the display by tilting the device is there. The ambient light sensor too. It adjusts the power of the backlight depending on the environment and thus save battery power . A battery developed by Apple , as its latest laptop , which is given to take ten hours in use and one month of standby time. It also has an electronic compass , a Bluetooth module, and at least one module integrated Wi-Fi (802.11 a / b / g and n). At a minimum, because the 3G is actually present. not always.

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