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Thread: IPad not charging with 10W USB Power Adapter

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    IPad not charging with 10W USB Power Adapter

    I am fresh iPad owners have a bad surprise them by trying to reload tablet via USB on their Mac or PC. In some cases, the operation was impossible. into question the ability of the said port to be able to provide adequate voltage to the tablet . A tablet which, on this point, is more like a small laptop than a big iPod touch. It is not charging with 10W USB Power Adapter. Please help. Thanks.

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    Re: IPad not charging with 10W USB Power Adapter

    Most " old " PC will allow you to recharge your iPad if the screen is off, when on, your iPad will not load. Actually new firmware came to offer you change the settings on your PC (equipped with any of the 3 major motherboard manufacturers MSI , Gigabyte or Asus) So thatit sends more power to USB ports. Indeed , the USB ports issue typically 0.5 Amp, when the iPad requires 1.2 amps to charge and remain usable.

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    Re: IPad not charging with 10W USB Power Adapter

    The fact that we have a machine with USB 1 or 2 does not change (other cases) . The technical details of the iPad specifies two scenarios to recharge the shelf: with the AC adapter (included ) or "the USB port of a computer" . The second case does not suggest that the case is somewhat complicated in reality. You have to go through the pages of Apple technical support to learn a little more, with a sheet on the subject. She explained that the power supply delivers 10 Watts and the port of a computer must be of "high power " (high power ) . A nuance missing from Apple's product pages (and indeed could not possibly put a flea in the ear of everyone anyway) .

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    Re: IPad not charging with 10W USB Power Adapter

    A small problem more troublesome than anything else but that the first users of iPad found : On some machines , when you connect the USB iPad is obtained in the upper right, a strange message : " No Charges in progress " . So relax ! Nothing serious ! Just a problem with some of the shelf USB ports. In fact , it's not even a bug. According to Apple , in fact , things are simple : "some USB ports do not provide enough energy to recharge the battery of the iPad . It has designed its product to the standards of very recent computers , manufactured since 2009. Previously, the USB standard did not require manufacturers to provide a high power USB ports . Suddenly, the iPad will not charge via USB and Apple calls therefore use in this case the AC adapter or even off the shelf before being connected to such a low-power USB port.

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    Re: IPad not charging with 10W USB Power Adapter

    It was possible for some ports to switch high voltage when a device plugged the required , and this time his presence. Still, it is not easy to know which machines will be capable of powering the iPad. Knowing that the USB standard provides a voltage of about 2.5 W, it is not surprising that some equipment is found to run out of juice in front of a iPad which requires four times as much.
    However, the FAQ says that the iPad is possible to recharge the USB ports on low voltage , it will happen much more slowly and will require the iPad or standby.

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    Re: IPad not charging with 10W USB Power Adapter

    USB 2.0 , the typical value is 500 mA, with a limit of 1.5 A. With USB 3.0, the base value is 900 mA, with a limit of 2.7 A. Indeed , USB 3.0 provides more energy, instead of 5 "slots "of 100 mA , we have six "slots "of 150 mA, which can better support external hard drives . MSI shows send 1.2 A total when an iPad is detected, the other two remain silent . Dixit Gigabyte , a motherboard with an ICH10 ( P45, X58 and P55 of course ) is required , or a model series 700 or 800 for AMD.

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