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Thread: iPad's Auto-Brightness Issue

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    iPad's Auto-Brightness Issue

    I had purchased a iPad last month and now it simply doesn't appear to work. I am having auto brightness issue, even when i go from a room with good light to a completely dark. It also does not work if i go from dark room to one with light. There is any solution or i should go for replace. Help me. thank you in advance.

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    Re: iPad - Outlook - All Day Events not "selected" as all day events on iPad

    Do you know you have the setting to auto-adjust the brightness and f so do you have a cover on it which cover the ambient light sensor. If this is not there then my suggestion is to visit your nearest Applestore. I think you are having a defective light sensor. Ask them for the replacement as soon as possible so that your issue will get resolved.

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    Re: iPad - Outlook - All Day Events not "selected" as all day events on iPad

    Even i am having the same issue with my iPad. It is set for auto brightness and i do not have any cover to it. When i am in completely dark room the iPad brightness does not lower to a comfortable level. i think it is a firmware issue. Hoping that it is fixable with a firmware update. I would like to know have you replaced your defective iPad or you are waiting to get it fix from the Apple in the updated firmware. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: iPad - Outlook - All Day Events not "selected" as all day events on iPad

    To see the auto brightness feature to best of it you can perform the following .
    step1) Position the brightness slider to the middle position
    step2)Now go in dark place
    step3)Just toggle the on and off button back and forth you will notice the effect.
    Hope this will be helpful to you guys who think that their iPad ambient light is defective. Now you do not need to refund it.

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    Re: iPad's Auto-Brightness Issue

    I try the tip given above but it does not work for me. I canít accept the brightness from my iPad. It seem that it work sometime but other time it does the same thing again. Once I go back into little dark room then over there I did not notice any it is not the permanent solution to my issue. If you have some other trick please inform me.

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    Re: iPad's Auto-Brightness Issue

    The following technique work for me.
    1) Keep Brightness control in the middle
    2) Turn ON the auto brightness
    3) Turn off the iPad completely
    4) Turn on and go to auto brightness setting
    5) By pressing the side button put iPad to standby
    6) Again press the side button and wake the iPad
    7) Again go to auto brightness setting turn on and off. Now you can notice the difference.

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