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Thread: Easy way to block incoming calls and sms by MCleaner

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    Easy way to block incoming calls and sms by MCleaner

    I am happily using an iPhone 4 and i would be happy to jailbreak this phone. Anyway, for the time i am holding a jailbroken iPhone on which i would like to install an applications by using which i can block incoming calls and SMSs. I think MCleaner can do this but i do not know how to do the same. Is there anybody familiar with this application?

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    Re: Easy way to block incoming calls and sms by MCleaner

    MCleaner 1:41 is a firewall software developed for intelligent mobile phones, Which can reject the incoming call and SMS, and offer mobile phone users to overall safety solution. MCleaner is powerful mobile phone firewall software , Which is capable of not only shielding phone calls then but rejecting SMS. The set -up is very simple, and you will get rid of all the unwanted incoming calls and SMS. It has got many unique features as follows. The only mobile phone firewall software can support all types of messages and incoming calls based on Symbian S60 all over the world. The only mobile phone firewall software can Provide complete sets of Linux platform services all over the world.

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    Re: Easy way to block incoming calls and sms by MCleaner

    The name MCleaner the iPhone owner is very familiar. Be mentioned that such programs as : McLean , etc. This mCoolPhone times us , the team surprised with a very nice app, which manages the answer / end calls. To answer the call , is only slightly Shaken iPhone needed. As difficult as you the iPhone want to shake is adjustable. However, remember that it might look funny on the street, if your iPhone is back and forth swung to begin a telephone interview. To end the call, the is iPhone rotated with the screen facing down. Under settings , however, a further function can be selected: In the event that the iPhone would be given to screen all prospective calls are rejected.

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    Re: Easy way to block incoming calls and sms by MCleaner

    Schedule Management in MCleaner : It enables users to reject incoming call/SMS at a specified period, instead of at any other time, which brings users great convenience to quickly set their mobile phones according to their own time schedule, such as meeting, driving, shopping, taking a rest, etc.
    Profile mode : Under this mode, it has 8 types of fast-setting rejection modes available, such as"Accept All","Block All","Accept Contact Only","Accept Whitelist. Only","Accept Contact & Whitelist","Block Blacklist Only","Accept SMS or Only","Accept Call Only",users may set the Profile upon their own needs.

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