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Thread: Sony Ericsson to iPhone

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    Sony Ericsson to iPhone

    I am using the sony ericsson phone from the past two years and mow I have recently brought the new iPhone mobile phone and want to get all my sony contact in my new iPhone mobile. So I want to know that how I could get the transfer of my contact to the iPhone mobile phone. I need a proper solution which explain be the instruction step by step about how I could get the transfer of my contact to the iPhone.

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    Re: Sony Ericsson to iPhone

    I have found the way through which you can get the transfer from the sony contacts to the iphone by using the following steps. You have to install the Sony Ericsson PC Suit in your computer and the just open the sony program and in the editors menu click on the contacts and remember from the connect your mobile phone before starting the process. Then you the computer will detect your sony mobile phone. Then you will find the Contact.txt just copy it and paste it on your computer desktop. You have to rename in the file with .vcf extension then double click on the file and add it to the windows mail and then connect your iphone to the computer and from the info in the windows contact and copy the file to your iPhone device and here you are done with the contact transfer to your mobile.

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    Re: Sony Ericsson to iPhone

    You have to open the application of sony pc suite in you computer after connecting your sony mobile to it and then go to the start menu and in the run command you have to type this C:\Users\windows (where username of the computer) \AppData\Local\Sony Ericsson\Sony Ericsson PC Suite\Sync\SyncML in which you will find the file named as contact.txt. You just need to copy that file and place it on your desktop and then disconnect the sony mobile phone and connect your iphone to your computer by using the iTunes application and then transfer the contact.txt but make sure you change the file format of the file and change it to contact.vcf and then tranfer it to the iphone. You will find all the contact of your sony mobile phone in the iphone.

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    Re: Sony Ericsson to iPhone

    First I was thinking about the transferring the contact with the bluetooth but then I realize that the iPhone is having a restricted bluetooth only for its headset. So to transfer first download the fma and install in your somputer to get sync with your sony mobile phone and then select all your contacts and transfer it to the outlook by changing its format to csv file and then sync your iphone with the outlook using the itunes application and get all the contacts in your iPhone mobile phone. Now with this transfer you are ready to use your sony contacts in your new iphone mobile.
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    Re: Sony Ericsson to iPhone

    You can get to the simple procedure way by going to menu and then address book then in advanced and back to the memory stick and then connect the phone to your computer and then copy it to your computer then use the iTunes to transfer this contact to your iPhone just make sure you change it to .vcf format and then transfer it to iPhone.

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