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Thread: Dell 700m Backlight fails after 45sec

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    Dell 700m Backlight fails after 45sec

    I am writing this thread for my Dell Inspiron 700M laptop. I know before replacing any part itís better to make research on it that what is exactly giving problem. My laptop display is not working but I am able to see my display on external monitor after reading some guides. I was thinking that my display has damaged but when I made search on Google then I found that its backlight problem and display is working. Suddenly it came back again just for 45 seconds. I remember it will work just for 45 Ė 50 seconds when I will open my laptop. I do not think that it is happening because of some lose connection. Maybe it is happening because of overheating issues or may be something has been shorted and making runway positions and protection circuitry is triggering. Is anyone has experience about this problem? I read somewhere that some people has been changed there back board bulbs. I think so problem is inside my inverted board. Please give me your suggestion. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Dell 700m Backlight fails after 45sec

    Hello Faisal; have you solved your issues with this problem? I am also having this same problem in my laptop. In start I was also thinking that this is an inverter board problem, then I replaced it with new one but still I am facing same problem on my laptop. After wasting my $50 on this board I went to see that there is any bulb problem. I took out my LCD screen and found that, leads to the blub was broken or was poorly connected. Still I have not repaired it; I am just looking to order some new blubs and will try them on my laptop. I will update here that it works or not. By the way when my screen turn dies after 45 seconds, I got some static sound. Have you got this kind of sound yet?

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    Re: Dell 700m Backlight fails after 45sec

    Hello everyone. I got tired this display problem on my laptop. Everything is same with my laptop and I am not able to trace the real fault. Sometimes I also receive that static sound on my laptop when it turn die. How you found backlight bulb on your screen? I am not able to find them. I was supposing that they will be under the silver tape but I did not find them. I have ordered one new board in just $25 on ebay online.

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    Re: Dell 700m Backlight fails after 45sec

    Sorry for all of you. I know it’s very irritating problem because last month I was facing this problem. I replaced my LCD screen and now its working fine. My problem was just with LCD. I called to dell service center and they advise me that issues is with my LCD screen and they change is because my laptop was under warranty. If you people are under warranty then just contact with Dell and I hope you will get genuine solution.

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    Re: Dell 700m Backlight fails after 45sec

    I am a Dell 700M user and have faced this problem. I did lots of setting to get my screen back. Right now I do not have a permanent solution but still it will be little effective. I took out my battery and start my laptop on AC adapter and my screen turns black again after that sometime. I disconnect my display connecter cable and reconnect it, my display starts working. But when I put my battery back it turns black and when I took it out it’s again turns black.

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