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Thread: I can't lock my aino

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    I can't lock my aino

    The mobile which i use is of the sony ericsson aino, the only thing which i would like to know about it that whether it is possible to lock each and every thing which i access, so may i know how to do it, i have the idea to lock the sim when my mobile gets switched on,is there any possibility to lock when i am working on it.

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    Re: I can't lock my aino

    A sim lock is the capability which is built in the gsm mobiles by their manufacturers,the network providers have restricted to use this phone to specific countries only, the phones may be locked for the sim cards which are based on the international mobile subscriber identity,the lock phones have the firmware installed on them.

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    Re: I can't lock my aino

    The handset is possible to be unlocked by using the special code foe it,the code for removing the locks on sem are known to be the master code,for the sony ericsson mobiles the message of incorrect sim will be given if the wrong sim is used for the mobile,when the unlock code is entered the message of network unlocked will be displayed.

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    Re: I can't lock my aino

    The problem related to your mobile is the same which i am facing,i know that sim can be locked when the mobile starts, my problem is related to that it is unable to lack my keypad, i have used all the available options in my settings,how may i lock my private data my applying some numerical passwords as they are available in nokia mobiles, someone help.

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