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Thread: HTC HD2 without flash

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    HTC HD2 without flash

    How to get a decent usb connection is somehow not so simple. SSPL may now lose the connection after the reboot and is no longer on the phone asked if in the boot loader? Thanks for your replies in advance.

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    Re: HTC HD2 without flash

    I wanted my t-mobile branded HD2 flash the official 1.66 from HTC. However, the RUU_signed.nbh defective (was only 2,500 kb, unfortunately, seen too late!), So he dropped out of the flash process and now only a large silver triangle comes with an exclamation point ... no Windows Mobile boot or the like more - zero! This does not look promising, I hope someone from the experts can give me a tip as I get back under control, the Gold Card method may also do not go, right? because I ought to have already come before the Windows Mobile, or am I wrong?

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    Re: HTC HD2 without flash

    Now the boot loader is possible, you have yet to point me silly that I have the keys of the device in power switched off, state press. So now I'm in the boot loader and displays upgrade ROM code error Please try again. Seems like you have your boot loader damaged. Unfortunately I do not know what you can do there.

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    Re: HTC HD2 without flash

    The error message ERROR [294] Invalid Vender ID is if you want to flash a device with a ROM. Although that is suitable for this device, but is not allowed.

    This prevents the flash that T-Mobile customers as software from Vodafone. But there are two ways to change that, one way to go as follows:

    - invite HSPL2> HTC HD2 - Flashing HardSPL - Instructions
    - go on HD2 in the boot-loader
    - attach it to the PC
    - wanted to do was Serial> USB display stand
    - the PC should recognize the HD2 in Device Manager on mobile devices as the HTC USB Sync
    - now start the HSPL2_Run.exe and follow the instructions
    - select the drop down menu HSPL 2:08
    - crack in the question it? Yes You can!
    - if successful, the HD2 Resets
    - now go back to the boot loader, there should now be 2.08.HSPL SPL
    - if the display is not USB, disconnect from the PC to restore short and
    - now flash the rom of your choice

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    Re: HTC HD2 without flash

    As for flashing the entire board here always seem the most diverse issues and problems, I will when I next time Flash times trying to make a video step-by-step tutorial, so that the final hammer out easily though. I guess that will help other people facing the same problem.

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