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Thread: How to block a mobile

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    How to block a mobile

    I was using Nokia 5233 mobile phone from last 3 month it provides me with great features but I have lost my phone. I was traveling through railways and I lost my mobile and now I am not able to find it. So I am thinking of blocking of it so the other person will not able to use that phone, I want to know in what way I can block my mobile so that it will not be operational.

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    Re: How to block a mobile

    You can block your Nokia 5233 phone you have to contact to your service provider for this issue. You have to provide your mobile manufacturing number using which they will trace your mobile and it can be block. Just contact to your network provider to solve your problem they will block your phone as you are not able to get it back.
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    Re: How to block a mobile

    Every mobile phone is assigned IMEI number no two mobile handsets can have the same IMEI number. You can find your IMEI number on your mobile just you have to enter *#06# on your mobile. Using this unique number you are able to locate your lost handset and if possible you can get it back.So go for this solution to resolve the problem.

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    Re: How to block a mobile

    When you switch on your phone after inserting the SIM, your SIM transmit some internal information to your network provider related to your phone which can be mobile IMEI number, version of mobile and also your mobile model. This way your network operator keeps all your information in their database, so you can contact to them and tell them to block your mobile using unique IMEI number.

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