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Thread: XPS M2010 Black Screen Of Death

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    XPS M2010 Black Screen Of Death

    Here everything is in the title. I received my XPS today and a good point, I started the recommended updates including bios. Everything goes well, the computer turns off and when I turn back on, nothing, black screen. The keypad lights up and goes to sleep. I tried again with the restore CD, but other than that the CD remains in the drive, nothing happens.

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    Re: XPS M2010 Black Screen Of Death

    I would suggest you to install the Freeware DriverMax. The free program can back up driver - but also not recognized by Windows unmask driver. Does the PC hardware on Windows, there may be an address conflict with another device before. Then Windows has the same value assigned to them, but a device can only respond. This problem must be corrected manually. You need the Properties window of the driver in resources to assign a new value - but first in Configure automatically remove the check mark.

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    Re: XPS M2010 Black Screen Of Death

    I think you should try to contact service and explain the problem and I think, I hope you do not have a grainy screen, but good that you will see yourself, at worst you recall and I just ran power AC FAN and screen (ugly) and fan it made more noise than my pc fixed! The new one is exactly the same but no longer makes any noise. Hopefully this trick should resolve your problem too.

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    Re: XPS M2010 Black Screen Of Death

    In many cases, motherboards have been found to be parts of the source of error for which the drivers were not installed. These include onboard chipsets for sound or network. Therefore, you should re-install with the CD performs. So the best solution would be to upgrade the motherboard drivers since it appears as drivers are not installed correctly.

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    Re: XPS M2010 Black Screen Of Death

    Well for me it's the screen that is dead or when the graphics card but I lean towards the screen, you can not even make the coup of diagnosis, you do not have an external monitor connected also tell me whether it is having Linux. You do not have Windows. Because I do not know to what extent you'll be able to display on your second screen.

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