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Thread: How to capture quality video

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    How to capture quality video

    I made video digital since not long and I am a bit disappointed by the quality of video files obtained. In fact I want basically to keep my movie on my HDD if possible in MPEG2 quality. I catch well on in DV- AVI from a firewire generic . In fact I feel that the problem arises from the capture. Avi file containing the captured video is not perfect: outside problems interleaving expected, I found a "grain " visible when I am in full screen: the quality is well below the video that I obtain If I plug directly my camera on the TV. Please suggest how to capture quality video ?

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    Re: How to capture quality video

    Most problems you encounter while capturing videos in SnagIt are the same as those addressed in the help files and support Camtasia. If you use SnagIt to capture video , you can download our logiel video capture most advanced Camtasia Studio. While SnagIt is primarily designed to capture static screen , Camtasia Studio was designed to capture video in particular. Its features video capture are significantly higher than SnagIt . It contains special effects such as functions monitoring of the area captured , zoom and highlight the mouse, etc. . It can also produce new professional-quality videos which have the advantage of being lossless. In addition , Camtasia Studio works to capture speed excellent and produces video files much smaller than SnagIt.

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    Re: How to capture quality video

    When Camtasia or SnagIt captures a block of color instead of an image that looks good on screen , the problem is usually due to accelerated graphics hardware used to show the image. The media players latest Microsoft and RealNetworks are ideal to try to use any graphics hardware acceleration available in the system . For example , some systems have graphics hardware that can perform a overlay hardware video (hardware overlays) for video on the screen that bypasses the memory distribution normal of Windows that SnagIt capture. Most programs capture video used to capture from a video camera uses a video overlay hardware default to preview their video. Note that this problem affects all capture programs and even image filed in the clipboard by pressing the Print Screen .

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    Re: How to capture quality video

    The best solution is to disable hardware acceleration in the application that distributes the video or disable hardware acceleration in the system. To disable acceleration in:
    Windows Media Player 10: select Tools > Options > Performance
    Media Player v6.4 and earlier: View> Options > Reading
    * Select None .
    necessary to disable hardware acceleration of graphics card your computer to record images. RealPlayer G2: Select Options / Preferences from the menu RealPlayer . "Performance" tab and uncheck the configuration " Use video display optimized " . It may be that you need to stop and restart any movie that was being circulated so that the change occurs.

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    Re: How to capture quality video

    By default , SnagIt use the video codec Microsoft Video 1 if the color depth of the screen is larger than 256 colors, and video codec RLE if the color depth of the screen is 256 colors or less . RLE is a lossless codec , but it is limited to 256 colors. My video files are too large. How can I make them smaller. Use our product Camtasia Studio like recording software on your desktop. Camtasia includes video codec TSCC produces files much smaller than SnagIt. You will find below more tips on Camtasia Recorder that you will no doubt improve the quality of your catch. he area size of the screen that is recorded. Over the region , the smaller the file size is small.Wherever possible, reduce the color density of the screen. Try to use 256 colors. The more colors, more file size is large. Think carefully about the content of your video. fills gradient , funds photographic type can increase the size of your file.

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    Re: How to capture quality video

    The catch by firewire is preferred for the camera and other device containing such a port . The digital image will be directly operated from the device to the computer. Whereas if you use an analog port for such devices , the digital image is converted into image analog and then re-digitized ... You lose fatally quality. It is of course the prior notice to have a firewire port . Some motherboard integrated one, but the Mostly you will equip you with a PCI card.

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