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Thread: X10 mini pro without market application

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    X10 mini pro without market application

    My brother has got the new Sony Xperia X10 mini pro in which he is not got with market application. He got some of the application with mobile phone which is given by the company that is it a company product. So I need to know from where i could get the other application for my mobile phoe and which of them are well compatible with my mobile phone which is having Android operating system. I just need the guidance of the application for my Xperia X10 mini mobile phone.

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    Re: X10 mini pro without market application

    As you are having the Sony Xperia X10 mini which is having the Android operating system do you have to go with the application which are compatible with your mobile phone operating system. The Xperia X10 mini already come with some of the application but if you want some more application then you have to search on google the appliation which are used by the Andriod. So it on the user choice for which application does he want to go for.

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    Re: X10 mini pro without market application

    There is the application for the smartphone Android phone by which the Sony Ericsson has releases named as LiewView. It will work as remote small display which will display the activity of your mobile phone. It gets connect to your mobile phone through bluetooth. As this helps me out to keep the control on the phone where its in your bag or in your pocket. You just don't need to get it out of it just get your messages, control music etc.

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    Re: X10 mini pro without market application

    I am doing lots of text on my Xperia X10 and for which I have the comfortable application for that which can be named as Handcent SMS although there is stock android SMS application which also done very nice job od texting the message but still I went for other application as I was looking for the bubble style sms. So to get this software you need to search the android market and the lastest version is Handcent SMS 2.9.37

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