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Thread: Corrupt/Unreadable HCSD Card

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    Corrupt/Unreadable HCSD Card

    I have a digital photo frame COBY DP -352 in which I introduced my Kingston SD HC 8GB and since only the digital frame can read it ! My pc ( vista) can no longer made just a double " ding "on repeat as long as the card is inserted and my Kodak as if he had nothing in his memory. Please suggest that how to solve issues with Corrupt/Unreadable HCSD Card ? Thanks.

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    Re: Corrupt/Unreadable HCSD Card

    To correct the problems, it becomes necessary for you to first look if you use the same card as recommended in the manual of your digital camera. Otherwise , replace the card with a compatible. To fix a card corrupted memory , you must re - formatting your digital camera that should be followed by software recovery camera. In case you end up deleting your precious photos and video.

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    Re: Corrupt/Unreadable HCSD Card

    To recover lost data , you must download a Digital camera recovery from the Internet . These third-party tools to be complete , recover data in almost all situations of data loss and retrieve data from a memory card formatted by the application of improved scanning algorithms . Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a utility safe and efficient that recovers data lost or deleted - photos , audio , video and other media files - from several brands of digital cameras. Recovery utility of the camera is available in two versions for Windows and Mac users .

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    Re: Corrupt/Unreadable HCSD Card

    Media Card or MMC are flash memory devices using a specific standard that allows them to integrate a range of host devices. They are slightly smaller in size compared to other memory cards. Being reliable and durable , they are widely used in digital cameras. Although the photos are safe, he can not deny that they are prone to corruption. Corruption in MMCs can slip in due to various reasons, including the interruption in reading / writing process , virus attacks and damage to the file system. In such situations , the data becomes inaccessible.

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    Re: Corrupt/Unreadable HCSD Card

    The possible workarounds could be:
    1.Clean contacts of the MMC with a soft, dry
    2.Try and access your data on a computer via a card reader
    3.Within not work , reformat the MMC card in your camera
    Formatting the MMC to delete the data previously recorded by installing a new file system . get pictures of formatting, you are required to opt for a software image recovery .

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    Re: Corrupt/Unreadable HCSD Card

    Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is a reliable tool that recovers lost , deleted or formatted photos from a variety of memory cards, including MMC, MMC plus , SD , SDHC . Tool image recoveryAvailable in two versions for Windows and Mac users , retrieves all image formats such as JPEG , RAW , EXIF , PNG , TIF etc. Ensure you select a reading tool alone which does not tend to modify the original data 2.Ensure it offers a preview of recoverable data through its demo version.

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