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Thread: Text to speech Galaxy S

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    Text to speech Galaxy S

    Friend, I an using Galaxy S. I found it is a very good phone the best part that what like about it is its large display. I love the features of the phone but I am not able to find that how can I get the text to speech working on my galaxy S. I want my SMS message to read out. If you don't know the solution for this then do know any application that I should download from internet to use this feature. Thank you very much to all for replies in advance.

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    Re: Text to speech Galaxy S

    Hi Calusa,

    I think you should go to the settings and there look for the ext to speech. It should be there and within that you will find the driving mode. select that and it will activate the text to speech feature. I am not very sure about it but you can try it once because one of my friends was also having the same issue and when I asked him he told me that this was the solution for him in his case.
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    Re: Text to speech Galaxy S

    You must have got the manual of your Galaxy S with the pack. You should search for the setting in that for text to speech. search for the Setting heading in the index and go to that page and find the setting for the text to speech and change the mode to driving mode or whatever applicable. This will be the best way to search the answer because they must have given each and every specification for the phones functionality.
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    Re: Text to speech Galaxy S

    Now with text to speech feature your Android can talk and your applications also. Your language should match the language that you select for text to synthesize. Your application will be pushed in new direction with the help of this application. This feature will help the people who has disability to read. If you want to use your application while you are looking any other direction from the screen then you should activate this and I am sure that you will like this feature.

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    Re: Text to speech Galaxy S

    you can listen the texts which are saved in your computer by text to speech feature. It is available in both the English and Spanish languages. You have to follow the following way to change the setting for the Text to speech.
    • Go to Application > Setting > Text to Speech
    • You can select the the caller I.D function and select the language.
    • If you want to make the document to read aloud then you have to open the ThinkFree Office Widget > My Docs and from there you have to choose the documents.
    • Now press right click button on keyboard > more > Text to speech.
    • Press the play button and it will let you to listen the document.
    • Press stop button if you you want to stop the reading of the document.
    • If you press play again after you pressed stop then it will again start reading from the first line of the document.
    • You can press stop twice if you want to get out of Text to speech function.

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    Re: Text to speech Galaxy S

    Samsung Galaxy S has the feature of reading the text messages and the text documents. Your application will also talk to you if you enable this feature. My suggestion to you is that if you are not getting the setting for the Text To Speech then you can to go to your nearest Samsung Service center and ask them for the settings. They knew each and every feature of the phone and will definitely help you.

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    Re: Text to speech Galaxy S

    Calusa, if u want your text messages to read out through speech synthesys you must select the message and then press volume up and menu key at the same time it will first ask you to select the app to use and then checked the use default mark. It will asked this only the first time. After that all u have to do is like above select the message and vol. up and home key. Hope it works for u.

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    Re: Text to speech Galaxy S

    I had install voice data for speech synthesis to work on the text to speech, however all it does is tell me who is calling and repeats my phone number to whoever is calling me. I want to uninstall this as it is driving me daft but I don't know how to do this as it doesn't give me an option. I unticked the box to override the phone settings thinking that would switch her off but to no avail, I really could do with some help

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