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Thread: Camcorder - HDD vs DVD Vs Tape?

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    Camcorder - HDD vs DVD Vs Tape?

    I have done complete research and development on internet and presently I am looking to buy one camcorder and but confused between DVD , HDD and TAPE. Normally I am looking for one HDD based camcorder but still I want your advice before going to purchase it. I am aware about HDD based hard drive and some basic advantages but I do not have knowledge about tape and DVD ones. So plz tell me all about this camcorder. Tape based is very prone to get damage solely and quality can also be dishonored and hose much one tape can cost? How much hours recording you can do on your TAPE? And for DVD camcorder I do not like to carry DVD. How much recordings one DVD can contain. Can I use recordable DVDs in my DVD camcorder? Right now I have one offer of HDD based camcorder with 30GB memory with 20 hrs recording. But I will buy my camcorder from your people advises.

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    Re: Camcorder - HDD vs DVD Vs Tape?

    My choice will HDD based camcorder because it is the latest technology with very good feature and also very user-friendly. It has one biggest advantage that it can record very long video without any tension like changing Tape and DVDs again and again. With HDD based camcorder you have no need of carrying DVD and TAPEs again and again. Carrying DVD and Tape is the biggest hazard in today’s world. And you can damage your camcorder by changing DVD and Tape again and again. So I think so HDD is good choice while you have one good offer from market.

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    Re: Camcorder - HDD vs DVD Vs Tape?

    When someone goes to buy camcorder he has always three options, HDD camcorder, DVD camcorder and tape camcorder. And every format camcorder has its own advantages and disadvantages. A very good advantage for HDD camcorder is that there is no extra money investment for DVD and Tapes. When you record videos from HDD camcorder, video gets install on the inbuilt available hard disk and you no need to pay for DVD and Tapes. But if your hard got fill the you need to make it empty for that purpose you have to transfer its all data on to your PC or some other hard disk.

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    Re: Camcorder - HDD vs DVD Vs Tape?

    Some people say that when HDD camcorder drop will be all lost but it will be same with DVD and TAPE based camcorder.HDD camcorder has more weight as compare to other bcz it has one inbuilt hard disk. After coming new technology of High Definition, everybody needs HDD based camcorder bcz HD took more space for unit length video recording. Since HDD has more space so it can contain more HD videos. And HDD is also best for then who have HDTV. But one day HDD will be old technology when Solid Hard drive and flash drive price will go down bcz these will be lot quicker and space saver.

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    Re: Camcorder - HDD vs DVD Vs Tape?

    Tape camcorder also gives good customer quality video recording. For example HI-8 and S-VHS format has better recoding format with also high quality metal tapes and this combination will be able to produce high quality video. Some disadvantages with Tape camcorder are they require higher VHS cassette and they are also more power consumer and need powerful battery system. Still some people use this one because tape is less fragile and therefore provide good picture quality. In these castes recording time is very short and these camcorder VHS tape give more difficulty when you try to transfer data from tape to computer to watch it on TV

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    Re: Camcorder - HDD vs DVD Vs Tape?

    MiniDv provides the best quality presently available right now for the customer. It is available to produce commercial video quality without video noise and quality problem. Digital tape can also be copied with very little loss with quality. We use 6mm tape in our Minidv small cassette. MiniDv support firewire which allow you to transfer data video and audio directly from your computer directly.

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