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Thread: iQue 3600 Incorrect Position

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    iQue 3600 Incorrect Position

    Currently i am in a North America and i have selected the same area in my iQue 3600 mobile phone. GPS normally gets fix within 14 feets but the map is indicating that i am 250 feet west from my current position. What is the problem with my phone or is it a problem with the GPS? Please help me, I am glad that i have found this bug when i am not in hurry to use it still would like to make it clear from now itself.

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    Re: iQue 3600 Incorrect Position

    The City Select v4 you can use on your IQue course easily. The prerequisite is that you have next to the GPS V as "First unit" activated, no further unit for CS v4. Because Garmin offers the option to register the cards for the "main unit" and a "secondary device", then you have a free license. You could then also the CS v4 for the GPS V to the current CS v7 update (of course, against 100 fee) and could then activate the IQue as second. So you would you be up to date.

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    Re: iQue 3600 Incorrect Position

    I have faced the similar kind of issue on my iQue 3600 but not to worry my friend as i have found the solution for the same. Actually you need to select the WGS 84 under an entry of Map data which you can find in Preferences -> Location. The same solution have worked for me but though i am not so sure that your problem would 100% similar to the one of mine.

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    Re: iQue 3600 Incorrect Position

    Actually GPS service is supported by the carrier which you are using in your mobile phone. I suggest you to call to the customer care of your carrier and have a discussion with them about the same issue. It might happen that an issue could be from their end as they might not be able to update the GPS information provided on your cell phone.

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    Re: iQue 3600 Incorrect Position

    Problem seems to be with an iQue itself due to which you are not able to get the proper position. I guess an iQue have not updated the map in their database which wont be having any such point which you wish to have in your case. Anyway, you may have to live with it until an iQue does not update their maps.

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