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Thread: Graffiti for Android

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    Graffiti for Android

    Android is the phone that I am using at this moment. Saying Android only phone is I think doing injustice with it. It should always be called as Smartphone as well. I have one more thing to prove why it deserves this title. The smartphone has returned with Graffiti. I do not know if you all are aware of this, but yes it has returned with this application. All you need to do is go on the net and search for the Graffiti for Android. Soon you will be able to use Graffiti 1 on your smartphone.
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    Re: Graffiti for Android

    Well finally, Android came up with something that is going to increase its worth in the market. Yes from my point of view with this upcoming application, Android will reach another height in the sales. I think that Graffiti will play the role of the trump card for the Android. Also I wish if they can come with some variation in the Graffiti, with some other version as well. I have read about Graffiti, and it has been said that, it is fundamentally a single-stroke shorthand handwriting recognition system.
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    Re: Graffiti for Android

    I have already managed to lay my hand on this application. It is simply great. After a long time I got something that made me memories the days when we used to write with the pen on the notebooks. Well however at this starting stage I am having little problem with using this application, but I am happy with it. I think I am totally responsible for all these problems. At first I use to hate it, but now I am very impressed with it's response. Although it is basic, but it does what it says? Also I can see this is turning out to be a very fast input method for a skilled Graffiti user.

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    Re: Graffiti for Android

    Yes if you are using an Android powered phone, and you hate typing words through on-screen keyboard, because the words on the keyboard are very small. Also if you wish to write alphabets in a handwriting style with your fingers, then Graffiti for Android is the thing that you should be looking for. The application is very precise, and you do not need to enter the words again and again. I have tried this and it picks up the words in very first time.

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    Re: Graffiti for Android

    Here something in relation with the brighter version of the Graffiti. I am going to talk about Graffiti version 2.0.3. I will try to list some of the features of it these features are in addition to the previous version of Graffiti, it is as follows:
    • It supports Japanese input.
    • It also has new features for English input, like word suggestion, auto-capitalization at sentence start, word learning and error correction.
    • Also it includes help videos linked from YouTube.

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