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Thread: Gps On Vaio VGN Z

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    Gps On Vaio VGN Z

    I am using the Sony Vaio VGN-Z laptop and i want to ask you guys that does this laptop has GPS module? I have seen it in the gadget department under the smartwi gadget but i am not able to turn it ON. Is it like that the WAN has to be enabled for using the GPS. Please provide me some proper information about the same.

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    Re: Gps On Vaio VGN Z

    The Vaio P Series, which Sony introduced in February 2009 , is a particularly compact and lightweight version of a netbook based on Atom processors particularly economical Z-series. The design and features make the devices, however, two to three times as expensive as standard netbook with 10-inch displays: fraud, the price for the first generation is still the new model now costs 899 .

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    Re: Gps On Vaio VGN Z

    I have seen that the Sony Vaio P series has a GPS device installed on it so that user can navigate the gps service from the laptop. I guess there wont be any any GPS provided on your laptop as you are not getting any option on your machine. Still i would like to search for some kind of setting on an operating system which might solve your problem.

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    Re: Gps On Vaio VGN Z

    I would like to clarify one thing over here is that the GPS built on the WWAN card are not a proper one which you are in need of. Actually they are aGPS whcih are normally assisted as GPS. These are used for communicating with the central server. You can get the routing information, Central server is just a wireless service provider.

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