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Thread: DELL XPS 1530 Sleep mode wont wake up

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    DELL XPS 1530 Sleep mode wont wake up

    I have a laptop running Windows XP and I wanted to know what has gone wrong with mz PC. I already post in hardware / general but without success Here the problem is simple (I think), I put my laptop in standby mode, but impossible to rouse him. Is it because I have a USB keyboard and mouse wireless? Thank you for your help.

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    Re: DELL XPS 1530 Sleep mode wont wake up

    when you say your laptop does not wake up, that is not at all or at least you hear the fans turn. it may be a ram problem, i think you should try a memory test. This will help you to know the problem in more details. Also try to scan the system with a good antivirus application. Hopefully this should fix the issue.

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    Re: DELL XPS 1530 Sleep mode wont wake up

    For those who do not know, hibernate (or hibernation) allows you to stop your computer to its current state. Thus, Windows saves all your settings, open applications and files and stores them on the hard disk in a file hiberfil.sys then shut down the machine. The content of your RAM is actually copied onto the disk. When you restart the PC (launch much faster than a conventional boot by the way), you find your Windows in the state before the hibernation, with your open applications.

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    Re: DELL XPS 1530 Sleep mode wont wake up

    Check whether you have disabled hibernation on your laptop , you must turn it to display the new button (Control Panel, Power Options, Hibernate tab and check the Enable support of the Hibernate). Finally, it is good to keep in mind that hiberfil.sys will occupy the same space on the disk as the size of your RAM

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