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Thread: Which is the best Mouse for Mac book pro?

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    Which is the best Mouse for Mac book pro?

    I am using MacBook Pro, i am looking for a wireless mouse to hook up to my Macbook, preferably one with a USB-receiver. I'd really like to utilize the bluetooth functionality on my MacBook Pro, and I'm looking for a good mouse. is it nice to use a bluetooth mouse as there is no need to handle any dongles. suggest the best possible solution which can be implemented without any problem.
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    Re: Which is the best Mouse for Mac book pro?

    use the Wireless Mighty Mouse. If you're staying in OSX, it's probably the best choice. heard the ball-movement sensors fall apart/get gunked-up after 6+ months of use. And that there's no way to fix it other than forking over another money for a new mouse. i have a mouse only a couple months old, and is still fine.
    But as a dual Windows/OSX user, I can't live without my right-click. The right-click function works beautifully in OSX; no problems and it's reliable for me 99% of the time. But if I bootcamp to windows (in my case, XP), the right-click doesn't seem to respond that well. While the mouse is recognized and works in XP, I find that it only responds to a right-click about 50% of the time. right-click issue can be solved by an old Logitech mouse that has a dedicated right-click button.

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    Re: Which is the best Mouse for Mac book pro?

    I'm also using the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 and it's fantastic. Very small, very accurate, and extremely useful carrying around. Works great when running Windows in Bootcamp or Parallels because you can't survive in Windows with a single mouse button!
    I wouldn't waste time with any mouse that uses its own USB receiver. The MacBook has Bluetooth built-in, and a number of different mouse manufacturers now make decent Bluetooth mice that will work just fine with Mac OS X. The main advantage of these, especially for a portable computer like a MacBook, is that they require no additional hardware to be connected to the computer itself.

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    Re: Which is the best Mouse for Mac book pro?

    the Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse can be one of the option and although it has a few shortcomings, it's a great match for OS X, and it's ridiculously easy to set up and then connect and disconnect each time you want to use it. also you can go the Logitech bluetooth mouse that ca be used with MacBook. It worked great under OS X and Windows,can buy it from the Apple store, it had a matching aluminum finish, two buttons and a scroll wheel. Hard to go wrong with Logitech.

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    Re: Which is the best Mouse for Mac book pro?

    you can get many mouse available in the market for Mac Book pro one of them can be the mighty mouse which is very accurate although it can be rather slow when gaming otherwise this is the best option as far as mouse for mac book is concern. i am using a USB mouse for games now but the MightyMouse is fine for general use. which make it the ultimate choice.

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