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Thread: Windows 7 driver for HP Scanjet 4470c

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    Windows 7 driver for HP Scanjet 4470c

    I just migrated to Windows and 7-64, as I feared, I have a driver problem with my HP Scanjet 4470c, HP contacted told me to "appeal to non-HP third-party software to use the features of this material" as is well said!Windows 7 lately ... no way to install my scanner "HP Scanjet 4470c"no drivers. I have already done some research on the web without success. Who could help me find one? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Windows 7 driver for HP Scanjet 4470c

    A little trick that often works:
    1 - Do not install anything from the CD, if something has been installed, the transfer
    2 - and electrically connect the scanner via USB.
    3 - A preliminary disconnection-reconnection hot, there is a 90% chance that Windows 7 recognizes the hardware and installs a generic driver.
    4 - If the generic driver does not have all the features of the original driver, you can install your driver for XP by putting it in XP compatibility before running: Right click the exe > compatibility and I run my scanner and sound card in XP compatibility.

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    Re: Windows 7 driver for HP Scanjet 4470c

    Depending on the year of introduction of product, software compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 is in the product box and / or is available for download on the website of the HP Technical Support ( support). The newer models (introduced in 2010) contain software supported by Microsoft Windows 7 on disks that came with the scanner.

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    Re: Windows 7 driver for HP Scanjet 4470c

    If I understand your scanner is not recognized native and HP has not developed the XP driver for their older scanners.
    1) If your scanner is on ISA / SCSI, you already that you find the drivers for that card (hp boot key and it was often Adaptec, will see them at home).
    2) There are workarounds (Workaround) this deficiency. Miraculously, the software runs on windows 7 Deskscan 2.9 and therefore, it may manage your scanner. Or, you try to use it (explained) generic WIA driver from windows 7.

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    Re: Windows 7 driver for HP Scanjet 4470c

    Downloaded the windows XP driver and then makes a right click on the installer that you have downloaded.Go to : Properties => tab "compatibility" => run mode XP SP2 And launch the installer. If it does not work, try to install it via: Control Panel => System => Device Manager Or via Windows Update. Perhaps by running the setup program as windows 7 application:
    - Right click on the executable
    - Properties
    - Compatibility tab and tick the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" list and selected windows 7.

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    Re: Windows 7 driver for HP Scanjet 4470c

    You need to download the file 83453Ko sj675fr.exe on the HP website. This is the driver and software for the Scanjet 4470c. It appears that there may be problems button configuration, but there is a patch available for download at the same address. I never uses them ,What I know is that all the problems I had to make my scanner work correctly under Windows 98 are a bad memory.

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