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Thread: Acer 3820TG vs Acer 4820TG

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    Acer 3820TG vs Acer 4820TG

    Hi there, I have heard that Acer had launched two laptops models. They are Acer 3820TG and 4820TG. I am looking for a good laptop model and I had found this two one. I want some advice in selecting one among this two models. Which one will be better here. I want something that can be enough for day to day usage. Like for multimedia, for internet surfing, etc.

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    Re: Acer 3820TG vs Acer 4820TG

    Acer Aspire 4820TG has a 14inch screen size and its configuration includes Intel Core i3- 330M (2.13 GHz), 4GB of RAM supported by Windows 7 Family Edition Premium 64 -bit a 320GB hard drive is very correct. Its weight is around 2.2 kg and it also includes an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 (512MB VRAM DDR3 dedicated) and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD (128MB dedicated) grpahic support. This kind of systems are great for day to day usage.

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    Re: Acer 3820TG vs Acer 4820TG

    Acer 3820TG comes with an simple and elegant design. It is good for those who are going to carry the system with them. It comes in ultra-portable design and it has a good body also. Thanks to a black finish with brushed metal. The full model is Acer Aspire TimelineX - 3820TG 334G32n. It provides a good cost for those who want a affordable system. It is also great for everyday use and multitasking. It is powered by Intel i3- 330M Core and 4GB of RAM.

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    Aspire TimelineX 4820T benefits:

    The power of next-generation Intel Core i7, i5 or i3 processor technology speeds up multitasking performance so you can work faster and have more fun, with less waiting. Improved responsiveness and efficient performance are a given with DDR3 memory, which delivers twice the speed of DDR2. A large-capacity hard disk drive provides generous storage for work and multimedia files.

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