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Thread: Video calling Problem in Nokia E63

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    Video calling Problem in Nokia E63

    Video calling is now in news now, what is video calling and how can it be used, I am using using Nokia E63 and want to know does my mobile support video calling facility, what to be used for video calling and does i have to pay any extra charges to use the service? what are the problems faced while using video calling? what can be the solution to solve the problem faced?
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    Re: Video calling Problem in Nokia E63

    video calling enable receiver to see the live footage of the caller and vice versa. below are the problem using video calling:
    a. you usually donít get more information from seeing the person on the other side.
    b. The most imp thing to note here is a lack of business case for the operators since there is heavy dependency on the 3G Infrastructure which means a lot of cost for equipment investment.
    Above problem make video calling difficult to implement and use, when there is no problem to be solved, people are less willing to use something, regardless of how cool it is.

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    Re: Video calling Problem in Nokia E63

    As you are already using Nokia E63 which support video calling you can use the service but video calling is only possible using 3g technology which is provided by network company. video calling service can be only used by paying the extra charges applied by company. there are certain problem faced while using video calling as Quality of video over 3G in live deployments is often considered quite poor. Probably this is another reason for low penetration of video calls.

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    Re: Video calling Problem in Nokia E63

    video calling is service which make possible to watch live video while call is on, make (or receive) a video call while youíre on the go is not easy neither comfortable (think what happens if youíre driving car). To solve the problem raised while using video can not be solved as yet. on most devices (Nokia included), you donít have a dedicated button for video call, you have to choose a particular option from the menu, so itís not properly user friendly. you should be paying extra for using the facility.

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    Re: Video calling Problem in Nokia E63

    A video calling is a telephone conversation with watching live video and audio transmissions for communication between people in real-time In general, 3G is not the real problem. The main problem is about whether ďnormal peopleĒ really need mobile video calls or not? Your Nokia E63 does support video calling but your service provider should have 3g technology to provide you the service. Using video calling can cost extra charge as it is advance and cost to have 3g technology. but it does have many problem

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