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Thread: Toshiba A300 227 PSAGQE battery problem

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    Toshiba A300 227 PSAGQE battery problem

    I have purchased a new Toshiba A300 227 PSAGQE and the problem is that when i try to charge this laptop then it shows on the screen that it is getting charged but then it stops. Again when i remove the charger then put it back then it charges for some time then stops. What is the problem?

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    Re: Toshiba A300 227 PSAGQE battery problem

    not need to buy a battery or send his PC for repair. It's simple:
    1 - Connect the computer with the battery industry.
    2 - The switch normally until windows is loaded.
    3 - turn on computer, remove the battery (it does not risk anything you are on AC).
    4 - Replace the battery.
    5 - Miracle: battery message: 0% available (plugged in, charging).
    6 - Observing with pleasure the% battery increase little by little.

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    Re: Toshiba A300 227 PSAGQE battery problem

    First of all turn off the pc and then remove the battery. Now you have to turn on the PC (connected to the mains of course!). When the PC is running (desktop displayed, no work in progress ...), replace the battery and then wait 5. 10 minutes. Now move the mouse over the icon "outlet - electric battery". Please note that the digit before "% available (plugged in, charging)" increases pleasantly. Now you may check about the same issue.

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    Re: Toshiba A300 227 PSAGQE battery problem

    Actually I have seen this propblem and i guess have solved my problem, my owner's manual and troubleshooting gives me advice in this case:
    • Turn off the computer, remove the battery and AC power source

    • Support for at least 10 seconds on the start button, Reconnect-all.

    At least this solution have worked for me not sure that it would be working for you for sure.

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    Re: Toshiba A300 227 PSAGQE battery problem

    If you all have a Toshiba PC and you have all that kind of problem with the battery recharge, so it is certainly due to faulty design or workmanship. It is therefore a latent defect covered by statutory warranty.
    The solutions are not many unfortunately.
    • You can perform or have performed a makeshift repair by the repairer of your choice or by the manufacturer, but the costs are for you.
    • You can also combine together and create a dossier containing several victims of this latent defect (more than many of you, the better). I think you have many things in this case. You can request a commercial gesture or refund of your repairs.

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