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Thread: Acer 8930G VT enable success in windows!

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    Acer 8930G VT enable success in windows!

    I have Acer 8930G, and I want to enable Virtualization Technology(VT). What should I do in order to achieve that. I have heard that it is basically a technology that uses a physical resource and divides it into virtual resources called virtual machines (VM's). It has many advantages like server consolidation, reduce power and cooling, high availability and disaster recovery. Please help me in enabling VT.

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    Re: Acer 8930G VT enable success in windows!

    I think I can really help you in this matter. I have enabled VT in my Acer 8930G and without any problem. I have used BIOS 1.13 in Windows Vista. Please follow the instructions carefully:
    • First of all in the Windows environment download the Bios from the Acer site. In my case I, as already said, downloaded 1.13.
    • After downloading run the insideflash utility.
    • Once the flashing was done I filled in the backup name in the platform.ini file and executed the Insideflash again.
    • Please do not flash the BIOS this time.
    • Now Exit the Indsideflash, the backup file must appear.
    • Then install Python 2.6.2 for Windows.
    • After this copy script as well as the backup bios to the Python directory.
    • NOw open the DOS prompt and go to the Python directory and type backupbios.fd 8930gvt-bios.fd
    • Lastly copy the 8930gvt-bios.fd to the Insideflash directory.
    • Erase the supplied bios file and rename 8930gvt-bios.fd to KM2_113.fd.
    • For the last time execute Insideflash.

    This worked for me, So i think that should work for you as well.

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    Re: Acer 8930G VT enable success in windows!

    I have already tried running this as I got some thing similar to this from other forums. The problem that I am facing is regarding files. The two files before and after the python script are somewhat similar. I do not know much about this but would love to dig it here. I do not know if I am doing something wrong. I am all set with the requirements yet I can not go with it. I have read the article several time and even followed it but failed. Can you please tell me something regarding this. Thanks.

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    Re: Acer 8930G VT enable success in windows!

    I have also followed somewhat similar solution, but my BIOS was 1.10. Yes I tried the article on my Acer 8930G. It worked for the first time indeed. It would be advisable to see that you have the correct version of the PYTHON script. You should be careful while dealing with the python script as there are multiple versions around. For all of you here working on this thread I have something of interest. I was using BIOS 1.10 as already mentioned, two bytes on it changed in the vbindiff, one was the variable itself and the other in the checksum. I have tried routing EFI application with a 1.09 bios but could not help it work. Please help me in this scenario.

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    Re: Acer 8930G VT enable success in windows!

    I am ok till now with the discussion that is going on till now in this thread. Now can anyone here will take the pain of telling me the right version for an Acer 8930G on a 1.13 bios version? I have the copy of the BIOS that has been mentioned to use, but whenever the script is executed the output is similar to the input. Regarding the PYTHON, I am using 2.6.4 python version on windows vista 32 bits. Please suggest.

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