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Thread: My HTC Incredible will not pair with my car

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    My HTC Incredible will not pair with my car

    I recently bought an HTC Incredible from the Verizon. It will not getting paired with my car's Bluetooth stuff . The car is a 2006 BMW M3. The BMW service states about some issues going on with the Incredible's Bluetooth supported programs. I have properly connected with my car with different Verizon phones from Samsung and LG.

    When the HTC will provide the upgrade for their Bluetooth programs on the Verizon Incredible phone so that this will go feasible with my car? Has someone here properly paired with a late model 3 series BMW car ?

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    Re: My HTC Incredible will not pair with my car

    I am running with the same problem with my '09 BMW 135i. The pairing procedure seems to move along just as the normal procedure and then the phone never get connect with my car. I also have used to pair with the friend's '11 BMW M3, and other specified 135i. My Motorola Droid paired with entire models without any issues. I should have drive hands-free. Just thinking that somebody can resolve this or share some ideas also .

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    Re: My HTC Incredible will not pair with my car

    Commonly, the current establishment of bluetooth connection onto the HTC Sense phones is behind the newly released version of 2.1 Eclair Android. They have to resolve the same with an OTA update.

    It is just as the BMW compatibility with a profile format known as SPP. The Incredible is working with a previously released Bluetooth version from either 1.5 or 1.6 Android. I don't have much information regarding this but the reason you are unable to get connect even though it pairs is because the low level connectivity does not exist within the OS on the incredible.

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    Re: My HTC Incredible will not pair with my car

    Yes !!! It really requires to be located . Using the KeyPro application on my previously released G1, I could pair and work with my i.Tech virtual laser bluetooth keyboard with the phone and it is not compatible to work with the Incredible,means it has to be the 1.5 version because I considered that they have applied a lot of bluetooth compatibility with the Cupcake 1.6. Right now , in the section of Bluetooth, my G1 is more advanced than the Incredible.

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