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Thread: How is the Audio quality of iPod?

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    How is the Audio quality of iPod?

    I currently have a 32GB Cowon S9 with an excellent audio quality (especially after adjustment of the equalizer) but I'm going to buy an iPod Classic with my MBP since there is a reduction of cost in it and I would have a storage "Unlimited", a better compatibility with the mac, with radio and with a future sound station. I wanted to know if the audio quality was really mean as they say? Any more information about this is appreciated. Thank you for your help.

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    Re: How is the Audio quality of iPod?

    It's still a pity that the iPod has become one left behind, while it's still a little to who gave Apple the right track. I want an iPod connection on a "database" which list the CDs (there are several, eg Collectors), ability to identify his collection of CDs.

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    Re: How is the Audio quality of iPod?

    Personally I have an ipod classic bought a year ago to replace the old one which charged more. Always so happy with the audio quality it is true Koss headphones. Anyway it's really worth it, even a dedicated stereo with dock.

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    Re: How is the Audio quality of iPod?

    Personally, I do not think the analog audio is bad, but I'm not hearing a very demanding. For predictions, my crystal ball tells me that integrated:

    1 / iPod Classic should not disappear because it offers a much better capacity / price (and larger capacity hard disk and a native mode) versus to Flash memory.

    2 / the iPod Classic does not much change, because the future of Apple is the touch-based iOS

    The iPod Classic may:
    - Slightly refined
    - Lower price
    - Increase capacity (back to 160 GB)
    - Increased autonomy
    - Have a glass screen / screen a bit bigger / Retina
    - Have the video sensor of the current nano / photo sensor like the iPhone

    I am sorry if I am wrong some where.

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    Re: How is the Audio quality of iPod?

    Somewhat agree with the above pos, but 120GB is really not bad. I have about 10,000 songs and occupy only 75% of my iPod. But anyway, even with my 160GB 3000 CD would not hold, then we keep the bulk to the iPod for the trip, and then today there Deezer, Spotify, the worst YouTube. The rest of your wishes, it's pure techno, let the iPod classic remain classic. No need for another camera and Plasma.

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