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Thread: Need help troubleshooting blank screen

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    Need help troubleshooting blank screen

    This seem to be a very helpful community and here is my problem ps and I already did google for the last 5 hr for a fix.
    Laptop background: this is a Sony vaio vgn fz190,purchase in 2008

    Problem: screen won't turn on just a blank screen. I can hear the harddrive and CPU/ fan running. Battery is off and running on the AC plug. Only light indicater is power and wifi. And a cylinder symbol blink for a second and turn off. There was no beeping sound.

    Fixed procedure that I have tried:
    Plug in a external monitor after it catch signal the monitor goes on to sleep mode
    Unplug ac adapter/battery/ram and press the power button for 30sec
    Put in the recovery disk to reboot
    Hope this community cane help me

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    Re: Need help troubleshooting blank screen

    First unplug the power to the laptop and try to take out the battery from the laptop, then hold the start button on ur laptop for 20-30 seconds and once thats done, continue with installing the battery again and power lead, then simply press start on your laptop. Blank or blinking screens are a hardware problem. Unfortunately if the laptop boots and the screen is blank then it is a different issue, if the image on the screen is faint it is most likely a problem with the backlight and in these instances this fix will not work. You need to replace either Inverter, Blacklight, or everything.

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