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Thread: C5 LED flash as torch?

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    C5 LED flash as torch?

    I have recently purchased a new Nokia C5 mobile phone. This is very good mobile phone for a very cheap price with QWERTY keypad. This mobile phone is having camera with LED flash. But I want to use this LED flash camera as a flash torch. I want to know how can I use this LED light as a torch. Can anyone give me proper information about this issue. Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

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    Re: C5 LED flash as torch?

    There is an application called Fun Flash 1.0 which you can install in your mobile phone to get flash torch. This app works like an emergency application for campers for example. It also brings together a flashlight and siren function and more stuff. This Fun Flash app first includes a flashlight which can send regular flashes in red color and you can also try to set different color in the Torch menu if you want.

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    Re: C5 LED flash as torch?

    Or you can also use the PhoneTorch LED Flashlight application by downloading and installing it in your Nokia C5 mobile phone from the below link. With this app you can turn your phone into a fully featured LED flashlight which can be controlled with the camera key. Both, the flash's LEDs and the screen's backlight are used as light sources. Other features are: an autostart function, different screen colors and brightness, and Morse codes:

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    Another app called Flashlight Extreme can be used as a torch on your phone. This app can turn your phone into an extremely bright led flashlight. Included is also for your safety a SOS distress function. Turn it on to signal SOS message that can be seen several kilometers away. The applications feature in-app advertisings from InnerActive (Network connection required). Download it from this link -

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