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Thread: Blackberry Desktop Manager vs Palm Desktop

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    Blackberry Desktop Manager vs Palm Desktop

    I am newbie for the Blackberry (8700r) - before used a Palm and its Palm Desktop. I need to ask some questions here : my Palm Desktop displayed my calendar, contacts and so many things . full screen and allowed me to show, configure changes and synchronize to my handheld. Does Blackberry conatain the software that will perform this ? My recently Blackberry Desktop Manager screen contains Media Manager with that , Synchronize, Back Up and Restore, Application Loader and Switch Device Wizard 'buttons' but I am unable to view any Blackberry contents on this . Am I needing so much ... or performing something in incorrect way ? I bought my Blackberry from Ebay store , so don't have the original disk for that .

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    Re: Blackberry Desktop Manager vs Palm Desktop

    The Desktop Manager is not just as the Palm Desktop. This does not allow you to issue the information in the proper way and also directly into the application for the completion of the syncing procedure with the device. The Desktop Manager's Synchronization module facilitates you to perform the syncing of your BlackBerry's information with an organizer just as the Microsoft Outlook. So, the information would be issued and passed in to the Microsoft Outlook (or different compatible organizer) and then synced to the BlackBerry.

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    Re: Blackberry Desktop Manager vs Palm Desktop

    In the first step to go ahead , it may assumes that the Blackberry and supported software as Desktop Manager is actually lacking, but considered about it this way.

    Working with the Palm, you not only got involve with your Outlook (or different service), but also your Palm Desktop and your Palm also. For syncing procedure, you have to go for the connection of your Palm and then execute the Hot Sync Manager.

    Where as working with the Blackberry, you are able to go for the wirelessly syncing of any or your entire services, and you don't require the Desktop Manager unless you need to add or remove applications , manage the mail filters,implement add-ons and so many things . You are able to even do the first two without using Desktop Manager.

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    Syncing Palm Desktop with Blackberry?

    Do you have any idea to perform the syncing of data generated on the palm desktop using a blackberry ?? I will be buying a blackberry 8820 now and will be coming over from the Palm T|X and need not to lose entire data which I have created on this. Do you have any idea about the simple method through which I can sync with my blackberry 8820? I have tried to find about the same but didn't got anything and helpful .Please help me ..

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    Re: Blackberry Desktop Manager vs Palm Desktop

    I am sure if you configure all of things I mean settings in palm desktop to sync to outlook, then in that situation it should allow to do that . I had some memos which I had forgotten about in my palm desktop, and they displayed up in my outlook section , I had to just remove them out before going to sync the Blackberry in the initial stage to go for this . Although, I have no idea but ,I think it will. you can always use to perform the syncing within the outlook, then after checkout the outlook and find out if all of things has been transfered properly .

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