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Thread: Cheapest Smartphone with TOUCH SCREEN

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    Cheapest Smartphone with TOUCH SCREEN

    I am bored of the cell phone after a long usage and now i have decided to purchase a new but a touch screen phone but it should be the cheapest phone amongst all the Touch screen cell phones. I was using the Nokia E71 since the last one year. If possible please provide some features of those cell phones which you are suggesting. Anyways thanks in advance.

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    Re: Cheapest Smartphone with TOUCH SCREEN

    I think that the LG cookie pep is the cheapest amongst the touch screen phone because this new phone from LG is the rage among buyers moving lately. LG Cookie is full touch Pep GD510 affordable mobile telephony, target young customers and combined offers social media applications and widget at a cheap price. PEP Cookie LG mobile features are here:
    1. 3 "full touch screen
    2. 3MP camera
    3. Brushed aluminum body
    4. Fun graphical user interface pocket application.
    5. Easy access to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace

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    Re: Cheapest Smartphone with TOUCH SCREEN

    I have a different choice i would advice you to go for the Nokia 5233. Since this is one of the cheapest touch screen cell phone available today. Its colors and gorgeous 3.2 widescreen display, the Nokia 5233 has launched an improved version compared to the previously released Nokia 5230 handset. It also runs on Symbian S60 OS from the beginning. Phone features a little similar specs as the 5230 responsive touchscreen tactile feedback.

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    Re: Cheapest Smartphone with TOUCH SCREEN

    The Samsung Star does a good job of SCALING down touchscreen tech Thurs fit in a pocket-sized, bargain-basement phone. A bright, Responsive touchscreen That ensures basics like dialling and texting pose no problems, and the 3.2-megapixel camera is decent. Moreover its is a touch screen and also very cheap.

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    Re: Cheapest Smartphone with TOUCH SCREEN

    The stylish Nokia 5230 brings the latest technology and complete entertainment experience fingertips. It has a 3.2 " widescreen display and intuitive touch interface. Use the entire music library, organize the songs on your computer and buy your favorite music online - all in just a few clicks. I think that this is the cheapest touch screen mobile phone.

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    Re: Cheapest Smartphone with TOUCH SCREEN

    The LG cookie PEP comes at a very affordable rate it has a 7.62 cm full touch screen with one touch social networking, 3 way fun user interface, 3 mp camera with mp3 player and fun applications. Having your own gang of friends rocks. And now whats more rocking is how you stay in touch with them. So the latest edition in your gang - the new LG Cookie Pep. Connect- Share - Network and post your status updates 24 x 7. Get one to get closer to your friends.

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    Re: Cheapest Smartphone with TOUCH SCREEN

    Nokia 5233 boasts of the acceleration sensor and auto-rotation, a proximity sensor to save power and prevent inadvertent touches and handwriting recognition.Equipped with 2 Mega Pixel camera, the Nokia 5233 has GPS, GPRS, These maps and Bluetooth. However, the phone does not support 3G or Wi-Fi. Phone, SMS, MMS and email messages to both business and panning interface.

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