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Thread: HP's SiteonMobile Problems

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    HP's SiteonMobile Problems

    I have heard that Hewlett Packard have came up with its new technology known as "SiteonMobile". Though i do not know much about this technology but i just know that this technology has been launched for using it on mobile phones. I would be definitely using this technology on my Black Berry but unless and until i get to know problems of SiteonMobile as i know that nobody tells drawbacks of new technologies.

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    SiteonMobile uses SMS for Internet access.

    HP Labs of an India have recently launched a new technology called as ‘SiteonMobile’ which lets you surf an internet even from the low end mobile phones. Actually this technology lets users to access an internet by using the SMS and voice service of mobile phones. I think as this service has been launched recently so there would not be much bugs found about it yet but still there would be definitely many things wrong as it is not at all an easy task to have an internet on low end mobiles and that even through SMS service.

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    SiteonMobile does not show full content

    Though i have not found any problem with the HP's SiteonMobile but still i would be happily giving you some information about this new invention. Actually SiteonMobile is a solution for getting an internet over SMS and Voice but the problem with this technology is that it can only show short content relevant to the user’s task and not the complete web page. It is true that it is almost not possible to have whole web page as it is on low end mobile. Actually this technique increases an interactions of of user with an internet which is around a concept of TaskLets. And the technologies which are around TaskLets concepts can be accessed from anywhere from any device.

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    Re: HP's SiteonMobile Problems

    First of we all Indian people should proud that great technology "SiteonMobile" has been invented by HP India's Lab. Though there would be many problem with SiteonMobile technology but i guess every positive things has its negative shadow as well. Basically this technology lest website owners can create TaskLets for the services which would be much useful for the small business owners who have created their own portals. Only problem with this HP's SiteonMobile is that initially it would be accessible only by invitations.

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    Re: HP's SiteonMobile Problems

    This technology of HP is specially for those people which are not any big shot on an internet world. You may say that it provides an “Internet for the poor disconnected masses". But this technology does not adequately address key issues of consumer education, language barriers and GPRS settings. Actually they have created a web based interface which will be allowing to create Tasklets, which are accessible by IVR and SMS.

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