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Thread: iPhone 3G very slow with iOS4

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    iPhone 3G very slow with iOS4

    Using my iPhone 3G with the new iOS 4 is much too slow. Some software are more than 10 sec. to open. I made a full recovery and nothing works. Recently upgraded to the iphone OS 4. So I decided to return to the previous version by downloading firmware over the apple site and clicking alt when restoring, but I keep getting an error 1015. Have you tried and successful downgrade. Thank you in advance

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    Re: iPhone 3G very slow with iOS4

    For me it's the opposite. On OS4 jailbroken iPhone 3G with multitasking and background screen is activated much more fluid and responsive than in OS3 with jailbreak and proswitcher backgrounder. I'm glad to be passed to OS4. Still strange that one person to another on the 3G moves from one extreme to another. Ps: I used to jb PwnageTool 4.01 (I had already done with 4.0 but I remade for the iBook works) on Mac

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    Re: iPhone 3G very slow with iOS4

    Having myself made the update of ios4 on my 3G, I also noticed a slowdown in the operation of the OS . However, it should be noted that for those who have enabled the multi-spots is quite normal since the apps, even non-compatible ios4 remain open in the background. I found the parade on cydia with little remove recents that load automatically the killer apps are not compatible, and presto, it is found fluidity significantly improved

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    Re: iPhone 3G very slow with iOS4

    It is obvious that this lack of responsiveness that would have been more blatant if iOS 4 iPhone 3G was supported multitasking, connecting a Bluetooth keyboard, the screen customization and more options for protection data. To justify the failure of the Personalization screen, Apple has responded by mail to a user scrolling icons on a screen custom was not enough fluid.

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    Re: iPhone 3G very slow with iOS4

    I had faced this problem too i have used both the 3G 3.1.3 firmware with the first and second with IOS 4. Ultimately, it is clear that:
    • The launch of the application "Camera" is 40% slower
    • Take a photo is 54% slower
    • Launch the application "Settings" is 125% slower!
    • Only the loading of web pages with Safari seems to be 37% faster (because of the new base band)

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