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Thread: WHich Pendrive Is BEST !!!

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    WHich Pendrive Is BEST !!!


    i planned to buy 8 GB pendrive, there r many companys available,
    suggest me which is the best, my choices is SONY,MOSAERBAER,CORSAIR,
    also suggest me any other brand which is the best ???
    and also tell me in some pendrive they include special softwares, i saw in sony a compression software, it will compress more datas, any water proof pen drive also suggest me !!!!

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    Re: WHich Pendrive Is BEST !!!

    Go for Transcend Pendrives. They are the best in the USB or Flash drives. They have Life time Warranty and is very convenient to use. They are not easily damaged and has a long durability. So I would suggest you for the thing. It will be helpful and make the things to process.

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    Re: WHich Pendrive Is BEST !!!

    CORSAIR is the no. 1 company for give ur priority to it....
    if its not available then simply go for SANDISK U3 usb......its no.-2 buddy..

    buy between these two only....they are really fast then any other pendrives....
    i hv and used both.....

    u can do speed test....if u like..
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