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Thread: HP DV6815NR Bad BIOS Flash

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    HP DV6815NR Bad BIOS Flash

    Please help in solving this problem with the HP laptop which I am using. I have an HP DV6815NR laptop which has Windows Xp installed on it. The CD drive on the laptop was not getting detected and hence I flashed the BIOS of the system but the system is not booting up after flashing the BIOS. Does this mean that the laptop is unusable now? Is there any way to solve the problem? Any help is highly appreciated.

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    Re: HP DV6815NR Bad BIOS Flash

    Probably the BIOS of the laptop has not been updated properly and hence the laptop is not booting. BIOS of the system is responsible for storing all the information which is required for booting and proper working of the computer. Hence if the BIOS is having some problems, the system will not boot. Check if there is any problem with BIOS of the system and get it resolved.

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    Re: HP DV6815NR Bad BIOS Flash

    There is a BIOS recovery tool provided with the recovery disks of the laptops. You can use the BIOS recovery tool on the computer to restore the previous version of BIOS on the laptop and check if the laptop is booting up or not. Insert the BIOS recovery tool CD while booting of the laptop and run the tool. Let the restoration process complete. After completion of the procedure, see if the laptop is booting or not.

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    Re: HP DV6815NR Bad BIOS Flash

    According to me the motherboard of the laptop will have to be replaced for getting the laptop work properly. The BIOS chip is installed on the motherboard of the computer. The BIOS chip stores all the information of the peripherals which are connected to the computer. Therefore if the BIOS of the system is corrupted, it will not detect any hardware connected. Once the BIOS is corrupted, the motherboard stops working. Hence replacing the motherboard is must for getting the computer work again.

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    Re: HP DV6815NR Bad BIOS Flash

    No need to replace the motherboard. I've been through this with my Lenovo. (and I'm quite pissed at Lenovo by the way)

    If the laptop still powers on, you may be able to do a "Crisis Recovery". Search the web for HP -BIOS Crisis Recovery - and try that method. If it don't work, HP is probably going to want an arm and leg for a replacement motherboard. Thats what I tHOUGHT I needed when my flash puked on me. I contacted and they did teh repair for $100 + shipping. no problems since.

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