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Thread: Lenovo y550 keyboard not working

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    Lenovo y550 keyboard not working

    I am using a Lenovo y550 laptop from quite sometime and recently its keyboard has started acting weird. Some times the keyboard gets completed locked and not a single keypad will work although the touchpad works properly. Other time the Help and Support windows in Windows 7 keeps popping up. Then some other times some keys will work while others does not. I want to know whether this a software issue or a hardware problem before I purchase a new keyboard? Thanks for any help.
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    Re: Lenovo y550 keyboard not working

    I would suggest you to reboot your laptop first and once you get to the Lenovo logo page continuously start tapping the F8 key on your keyboard. This will bring up the Save Mode option that you would want to check if your keyboard is working fine. Also if your laptop is still under warranty then you can try to repair the keyboard for free from the Lenovo company. But if there is no warranty left then it could be possible that you are having a dead computer.

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    Re: Lenovo y550 keyboard not working

    If the above doesnt work then try my solution. First of all right click on My Computer. After that you need to right click on My Computer and then go to Device Manager > Keyboard and then right click on remove the Keyboard layouts from there. After that reboot your computer and test the keyboard to see if the problem is still happening. You will also need to make sure that the keyboard that you are using is well connected to the motherboard.

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    It might be possible that a PS/2 keyboard could be installed under the keyboard menu. So to uninstall it you should go to My Computer > Device Management > Keyboard > Standard Ps/2 Keyboard > it could also be a keyboard connector or cable and ensure that you have replaced te cable too if they have sent you a new one. Also, you need to ensure that your keyboard is connected properly. Incase you are thinking that the old keyboard is working fine then you can even try to return new keyboard you ordered from ebay.

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