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Thread: Lenovo R40 Does not BOOT from USB

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    Lenovo R40 Does not BOOT from USB

    I have been using the lenovo R40 laptop installed with windows XP. I have changed the boot preference in the bios a number of times and have seen that there are number of options available there including a floppy disk as well as a USB device. can anyone tell me is it possible to boot from a usb Device if yes then please tell me how to boot my lenovo R40 using a USB. I would be really very much thankful to you. Please help

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    Re: Lenovo R40 Does not BOOT from USB

    It is possible to use different programs to use to transfer a disk image to another medium like a USB key. Thus it will be possible to boot your computer from a simple USB key. This can be useful if you have to flash the BIOS of your computer without having a floppy drive. Making a bootable USB drive should not be complicated.
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    Re: Lenovo R40 Does not BOOT from USB

    Note that this trick does not work with all USB. It must be stated on the packaging if the key you have is bootable or not. Also, some USB have a small latch that can make them bootable. Remember to go into the BIOS and set the first boot device to your USB drive. The command to change to look like this: "Boot from USB hard drive" USB FDD "," USB HDD "," USB-Stick "," USB Removable Floppy Disk "," USB Zip Disk "," USB RMD- FDD. "Oddly, if you have several options try this:" USB-ZIP ". In some cases, you must also enable these commands:" USB Function Support "," USB Function For DOS "," USB Legacy Support for DOS "," USB Keyboard & legacy support "," USB Mouse Legacy Support. "Be careful, this list is far from complete!

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    Re: Lenovo R40 Does not BOOT from USB

    As far as i know it is not possible because of the problems "Boot": Some motherboards can only start if your USB device is formatted as "floppy" disk formatted MBR does not directly, but a boot sector placed on sector 0 or formatted as a disk with an MBR and boot sector. Moreover, it seems that problems of disk geometry are some key will work on one computer but not the other.

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    Re: Lenovo R40 Does not BOOT from USB

    What are the difference between Record and Master Boot Sector of Boot of your system. The MBR (Master Boot Record) is created when the disk is partitioned. It contains a portion of executable code called "Master Boot Record", the disk signature and partition table of the disk. The disk signature is a unique number that identifies the disk relative to the operating system. This information can be found in the registry tree: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ MountedDevices.

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    Re: Lenovo R40 Does not BOOT from USB

    Follow these four operations:

    Checking the active partition.
    Locating the boot sector present in the active partition.
    Load in memory a copy of the boot sector.
    Transfer of control of executable code to the boot sector.
    A floppy disk does not contain "MBR" but simply a boot sector.
    The boot sector (boot sector "or" boot sector "or" boot sector ") is located in the first sector of each volume. It contains executable code and information to the file system to access volume. It is created when you format a partition.

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    Re: Lenovo R40 Does not BOOT from USB

    If you do not have a floppy drive here is a workaround:

    • Always in WinImage, click on File / New ...
    • Leave the radio button 1.44MB checked then click OK.
    • You can check the radio button Import format from an image file if you have one. Bin. Ima or. IMZ.
    • Click on Image / Boot Sector Properties ...
    • Click on the button corresponding to the operating system and then click OK.
    • Click on Image / Inject and select the necessary files.
    • The rest of the procedure is identical to previously.

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