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Thread: Wireless keeps disconnecting on my Lenovo X200.

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    Wireless keeps disconnecting on my Lenovo X200.

    I just bought two Lenovo X200 from United States, after I returned to Hong Kong, one of them I configured XP professional and on the other one I configured Vista Edition, but after a while I found two laptop computers, disconnect from the router, then I thought it might be a router problem, so I bought it a new router, but once again wireless keeps disconnecting on my Lenovo X200 after a few hours, once I restart the laptop, wireless connection to restore, so I realized that this is laptop , is the problem. Then I called to Hong Kong's support, they said that they cannot help in this case. I hope anyone can help, thank you

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    Re: Wireless keeps disconnecting on my Lenovo X200.

    I am also having the similar problem and looking for the solution. I just purchased a brand new X200 model, and wireless to keep off and close itself off. It cannot reboot without having to reboot the system. I called technical support, in the United States; they said they could give me a new wireless network card installed or that I sent to assess the system. In fact, they are not the reliable answer.

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    Re: Wireless keeps disconnecting on my Lenovo X200.

    At least I have managed to resolve the problem. I have managed to solve these issues by using number of updates of wireless derivers. I am not confident from where the issue has started. Here are the steps that I have followed.
    1. First you have to go to the Intelís official site and then open the device manager and then you have to install the latest drives
    2. Then from that page you have to download the latest proset drivers and then install it.
    3. After restart your system.
    4. After that you have to download and install the latest Thinkpad Access connection from the Lenovo official site.
    5. After that restart your system, thatís all you have to do for solving the problem.
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    Re: Wireless keeps disconnecting on my Lenovo X200.

    You just need to follow these simple steps for solving the problem.
    1. Go to tools Directors Services / Wireless Auto Configuration / type of startup / deactivate / and service status = stop
    2. In the configuration of the network card (connection / local network / property: connect using / card / setup / management of the supply / uncheck allow the computer
    I hope that it will help you.
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    Re: Wireless keeps disconnecting on my Lenovo X200.

    I proceeded as follows: To change the driver for the card, the method explained not working, I went through Start / Settings / Network Connections / Wireless Network Connections / then the button "Properties" to accept the warning windows. In Property / configure / driver / update driver / search for driver software on my computer / "let me choose from a list of device drivers on my computer" / "disk included" / "Install From Disk" search driver location manually downloaded earlier. Look for the link via "browse" accept. Select the folder "open" It ask a file type. inf, it is the file "netathr" in the folder "ndis6x" "Open", it normally chosen automatically by clicking on the file open That's it, the update has been completed. It worked smoothly. In the settings of the card, the driver version has also changed, it still disconnects itself! In short, facing the same problem again.

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    Re: Wireless keeps disconnecting on my Lenovo X200.

    I installed my network Me: two centrino duo mobile and one around my live box Ethernet, it changes but there are things that irritate me: the Orange browser, my wifi which keeps disconnecting all the time. I had no problem when I was using Ethernet. Would you have a tutorial system to find a solution for the good of my live box configuration invente?

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    Re: Wireless keeps disconnecting on my Lenovo X200.

    Go to Add Remove Programs, uninstall everything you respect and orange wanadoo and then reboot your computer system. For positions in Ethernet, the connection must be alone for wifi, it detects the network, you put your box in association mode, you click on connect at your WLAN, among your wep key twice when you request it and it connects itself. A good method for the wep key and a copy from the configuration of your box in a text file and you make copy / paste to put it when it asks you.

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