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Thread: Remotely Manage uTorrent on Nokia N900 with uRemote

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    Remotely Manage uTorrent on Nokia N900 with uRemote

    uRemote is an open source application that allows you to control uTorrent remotely on Nokia N900. With uRemote you be able to view, insert, delete and filter torrents in uTorrent. It facilitate to deal with torrents on the go. Itís worth trying.

    Check out the screen shot:

    You can download uRemote for Nokia N900 from here.

    Alternate link.

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    Re: Remotely Manage uTorrent on Nokia N900 with uRemote

    Tried downloading the file from the primary location which you have suggested to download the uRemote app to control uTorrent remotely on Nokia N900, but it did not worked at all. It is showing some 404 Page not found error. later i tried installing the app from the alternative link which you have shared with us and fortunately it did worked well and i was able to download the file successful for my mobile. Now i am using the uRemote app and it is highly capable of controlling the functioning of uTorrent remotely in Nokia N900. Anyways thank you a lot for your efforts and kindness.

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